Sunday, June 8, 2014

First Influenster Vox Box! #VSSportBra

Hi guys! I just got my #VSSportBra compliments of Influenster! I am so excited to share it with you all!

So excited that this is my first vox box! It came in the mail and looked like this.

(The pink VS box came inside the cardboard box)

It came with a VS Sport Angel Bra, a six-pack of non-cushioned ankle socks, a pink fabric tape measure (like the ones they use at the store), information about their VS Sports Line, and a coupon for 25% off any item until June 9th.

I was pleasantly surprised with my sports bra. It's comfortable, fashionable and a lot more supportive than my old sports bra. I love the pink/coral color they sent me along with the pink color scheme socks. Super fun for workouts and the summer time.

I went to my local Victoria's Secret store aka the happiest store in the world to see what other goodies they had in store. I love how they have the color pink featured in almost every style of clothing, accessories and other. I found the VS Sport section super fun and cute! They even have the same styled bra that I received in other colors and designs :) Another plus is that the employees are super friendly, helpful, and know a lot about the products in store. Super excited for the Semi Annual Sale that starts June 10th ! (this coming Tuesday)

       (PC: Jeannen S.)                   
                                                         (edited on Instagram to be clearer)

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So my break up line to my old sports bra ....
"It's not you.. It's me.. Just kidding it was you. I supported you all this time but you did 't support me as much as I needed you to. It's over. I've moved onto other better, more fashionable, moresupportive sports   bras that will love me as much as I love it <3"

Overall trying the Angel Sports Bra and the ankle socks have been excellent. I will definitely buy more of this line in the future. The Bra held up amazingly well during my workout today(acrobatics, yoga, walking, and dance). No problems whatsoever and it was comfortable...something I didn't have from my old sports bra.

 ~Yoga All Day Every Day~

~~Once a Dancer ALWAYS a Dancer~~

~~~You can do anything if you try~~~


                                                  ~~You CAN succeed~~

                                          ~Do or do not but there is no try~

                                                              ~~Give it your all~~

 ~~~~~Play Hard, Train Harder~~~~~

~~~~Believe that YOU CAN~~~~~

 ~~~Determination is KEY~~~~

I have received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. These opinions are my own and are 100% honest. I have also earned a contest entry by reviewing this product and testing it out on my blog.

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