Saturday, January 31, 2015

Product Review: Inside Smarts Premium Delicates Laundry Bag Set

Hi everyone! Good evening to all! Here is another useful product that everyone should own! It's the Inside Smarts Premium Delicates Laundry Bag Set! I find that it is just so easy to use and very handy as well. Basically these are zippered bags that you can use in the laundry to prevent damage, to keep clothes together and looking great. Let's get started!

Product Review: Ramini Brands Microwave Splatter Guard

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday, hope you are all having a great day! Today I have for you a favorite of mine. It's the Ramini Brands Microwave Splatter Guard! I know everybody doesn't have a microwave but I do! I think its a great kitchen gadget that can cook up or warm up some food quickly! Do you have the problem of a messy microwave after using it? Well fear not! This product is your solution! Let's get started!

Product Review: Sleep Well CD and Escapes CD ((GIVEAWAY ENDS FEB 8 @12AM EST))

Good evening everyone! Happy Friday! Today I have a great combined product review for you all! Remember the Live Well CD and the giveaway I hosted back in mid-December? Well it's back!! I will be hosting giveaways for the Sleep Well CD as well as the Escapes CD. Both are created by the wonderful Jeff Gold! The Sleep Well CD is very similar to the Live Well CD with the guided meditation and such while the Escapes CD is more on the musical side of stress relief. I can't wait to share with you and to give it away! I will be having two winners, one is for the Sleep Well CD and another for the Escapes CD, they are separate giveaways (separate forms) but if you want a chance to win both, you need to fill out both applications. Giveaway ends FEB. 9 @12AM EST. Let's get started! 

Product Review: Speed Racer LED Bike Lights

Good evening! Happy Friday all! Hope you are all doing super! Today I have another simple yet fun review! It's for the Speed Racer LED Bike Lights! Isn't their company name just so fun? Basically these are lights/bolts that you can connect to your bike or anything with a valve to create great LED lights and fun! Let's get started!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Product Review: LURE Facial Cupping Massage Kit

Hi everyone! Good evening and happy Thursday! This will be the last post for me on this lovely Thursday. Check back tomorrow for some more great product reviews! (And a giveaway hint hint!) Anyways, I wanted to leave it off on a nice note, it's for the LURE Facial Cupping Massage! It may sound weird and the photos might look a bit weird but this has been so soothing on my face! Let's get started!

Product Review: Calibre Reacher Grabber

Good evening! This is another one of those essential products, especially if you have trouble reaching high and picking items off the floor. It's the Calibre Reacher Grabber! Basically its a tool that you can use to help reach items that are not in your range. It's great for the elderly, shorter people who may not be able to reach certain items or even for kids (they love playing with it!). Let's get started!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Product Review: CLD Brands Pet Grooming Brush

Good evening! Here is part two of the simple yet necessary products! It's the CLD Brands Pet Grooming Brush. If you have a pet, you probably already have one. Is one enough? Nope! Not for me anyways...your pet is like a human, you don't just have one hair brush do you? I feel like 2-3 per pet is a good amount, am I exaggerating? Nope, if you have a pet I am sure you can agree. This pet brush is definitely very nicely made and my aunt's dog (photo) is definitely loving it! Let's get started!

About The Product

(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product includes 1 deluxe brush (wooden handle rake).

-Product dimensions are 7 in by 4 in at the widest and the metal bristles are 7/8".
-The brush is made of durable wood and metal and the handle is contoured in the middle section for a better grip and for ease of holding it.
-Great for short and long hair dogs and cats (both small and large breed).

My Review
       Overall I am enjoying the brush. I actually tested it out on my aunt's dog then gave it to her since her dog loved it so much! His name is Roscoe if you guys were wondering. Isn't he the cutest? He is just so fluffy! Shih-tsus are naturally long haired dogs but my aunt likes keeping his hair fairly short. Over time Roscoe gets little knots in his fur and it definitely needs to be brushed out. This product has worked out great for him! As you can see from the photo above of the bristles, they are dense and slightly flexible but firm enough to be a great grooming brush. I have not tested it on any cats.

       This product has been great for Roscoe, can you just see how fluffy he is? He doesn't seem to have any complaints, its almost pretty much like a massage for him. I would definitely recommend it. The product price is around $10 which I think is pretty decent for the grooming brush. I have dropped it a couple times and it still looks brand new. I would recommend it.


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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are mine*

Product Review: CLD Brands 10 in 1 Bicycle Wrench

Good evening to all! I have a couple of short and simple reviews coming up for you all. They are all basic products that we should all have. I found these brands to be great and I can't wait to share them with you all! First one up is CLD Brands 10 in 1 Bicycle Wrench. Basically if you have anything loose on your bike, this is the tool to have! It has all sorts of sizes and can really work with you well. Let's get started!

Product Review: Hango Lunch Bag Set of 2 (PINK)

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Sorry for not posting since Monday, the storm here on the East Coast (I'm in NYC) has been a bit rough and I actually just started my Spring Semester of College on Wednesday! So here I am back at it again with another product review! It's the Hango Lunch Bag Set of 2 (PINK). They used to offer it also in a black color but I am not sure if it will be back in stock (link below is for the pink set). I am absolutely loving this lunch bag set, it is just so cute and can actually hold a lot! My demo photos are pretty fun, I had a blast trying to create a demo for you all. Let's get started!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Product Review: Petunia Skincare Professional 12 Make Up Brush Set

Good evening everyone! Happy Monday! I don't know where most of you guys are from but I'm from NYC and we sure are due to get a good deal of snow overnight. Just wishing all of my viewers to be safe and cautious if the weather conditions are great. Now onto product talk. I have been waiting to review this product for so long! If you are following me on my Instagram (LINK) then you already may have a hint to what it is! It's the Petunia Skincare Professional 12 Make Up Brush Set! I am quite the beauty and makeup lover! I have tried many different brands, everything from drug store to high end. I know great products when I see them! This product is definitely great for beginners, let's get started!

Product Review: Bobu Cuisine Grinder Set

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you are all having a great day so far! Today I have for you another great product review! It's the Bobu Cuisine Grinder Set. I have reviewed quite a few different grinder sets before but this one is one of the cutest I have ever seen! it's actually quite sphere shaped at the base and fits in your hand perfectly. If you are aiming for that elegant kitchen, this grinder set is great for you! Although it isn't easily stored as it does take up more space, I think its a great all around salt and pepper grinder! Let's get started!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Product Review: Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotic ((GIVEAWAY ENDS FEB. 2 @12AM EST))

Hi everyone! Good evening to all. Happy Friday! TGIF! Hope you are all having a great evening so far. Today to finish up the night I have one more product review for you all! It's almost like a collaboration with my friend Gina from (Beauty Tech Reviews). She is having the same giveaway and I would love it if you checked her out as well! It's for the Microbiome Plus+ GI Probiotic! Don't we just love probiotics? I love it because it really prevents me from getting sick during the Winter and to keep me feeling energetic and healthy! For this giveaway we will actually have 3 WINNERS! Isn't that amazing and so cool? It ends on Feb. 2 @12AM EST. So share with your friends because you could be the lucky winner! Let's get started!

Friday, January 23, 2015

Product Review: Get Bats Out Toliet Plunger

Hi everyone! I'm back today with an interesting review, you probably were a bit confused or disinterested when you saw the title. But hey, everybody needs one! Whether you use it once a year (or maybe even none) or more frequently, its a great product to have in your home and in your business/company. It's the Get Bats Out Toliet Plunger. It may look like your ordinary plunger but I found something different about it! Let's get started!

Product Review: Bobee Momma and Baby Elephant Decals

Hi everyone! Happy Friday to all! Today I have a short review on a great product that I've been loving. I really love anything that has to do with home decorating and DIYs. It's the Bobee Momma and Baby Elephant Decals! They are just so cute and are so easy to use! Let's get started!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Product Review: Exfolimate

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday! Today I have an interesting product for you all, I have a bit of a mixed review on it. It's the Exfolimate! It basically looks like a thin sheet of stainless steel edge type of product that is supposed to exfoliate and remove any dead skin. Sounds a bit strange doesn't it? It's supposed to reduce the visible signs of aging. Let's get started!

Product Review: New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C Serum

Good evening! Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday so far! I have another great beauty find for you all! It's the New Radiance Naturals Vitamin C Serum! This product really has "magical powers" it works to erase any signs of anti-aging, gives you the brighter, more youthful appearance and works magic on any scars/discoloration. This product really is a winner! I can't wait to share it with you all! Let's get started!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Product Review: Glow 2 Go Self-Tan Towelettes ((GIVEAWAY ENDS JAN. 28 @12AM EST))

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a great Tuesday! Today I have a great product review in the beauty category! Now that it's Winter you really can't naturally tan yourself or really go to a tanning spa. This product solves your problems! It's the Glow 2 Go Self-Tan Towelettes! They are currently the #1 Best Seller in Self Tanners on Amazon. Their product is currently on sale which is an even better price on top of the regular every day affordable price. Stay tuned for my giveaway too! ((ENDS JAN. 28 @12AM EST)). Let's get started! I have lots of photos to share with you all which I am just so excited about!

About The Product
(From the product website and from the product itself.)
-Product weighs about 0.3 oz and its dimensions are 7.5 in. by 7.5 in.
-Box contains 20 individually wrapped tanning towelettes.
-Each towelette produces a quick, even, streak-free tan in less than 4 hours.
-Should not be used if you have shaved/waxed or removed hair in the past 24 hours.
-Results may vary, the company has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

My Review
        This is absolutely my new favorite product! I don't typically go to tanning salons but during the summer time I love the beach and getting a bit tanned. I think it just goes with the vibe and looks great one me! This was one of the first tanning products I have ever tried. I've got to say that the process was so easy and pretty quick too! I love how even my application was and that I really didn't need to open the entire box. The main motto of the company with this product is that the 20 towelettes are individually wrapped (so you don't have to open the entire box and waste) and that they are easy to use.

        For me in my photos which you can see below, I think I got a pretty even tan. I used it on my face/neck area and it really did give me a tan. You can see the before and after, it is a nice subtle, glowy type of radiant appearance. It took about 2 hours to show up on me. I am absolutely loving this product, I don't know how many times I would use this in the Winter time but when Spring and Summer come along, I will definitely be using more of this. I am currently 3 weeks since I have had my first application, I can still see my radiant appearance but no tan, I would say that it lasted about a week or so on me but if you rub less on, it would probably last for a shorter period of time. Overall it is an excellent product and I can definitely see why this is the #1 best selling product for self-tanners.

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Would you use it?



*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are mine*
**Love And Lip Gloss 14 is not responsible for shipping out the prize to the winner. I will give your information to the company and they will contact you with further details regarding the prize.**

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Product Review: Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn Pack

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are all having a great day so far! I have a yummy review for you all today! It's the Franklin's Gourmet Popcorn Pack! I can't wait to share how good and easy to make this popcorn! Everything is pre-measured and individually packed, it's ready to go and be cooked! Let's get started! 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Product Review: Fit For We-Mommy & Me Matching Water Bottles

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday. Hope you are all having a great time! Today I have a fun problem for all the mommies with daughters out there or even something that could be shared within sisters or even cousins. It's the Fit For We-Mommy & Me Matching Water Bottles. I am just so excited about it because they plan to release an entire line of products! Basically its a water bottle that is a 2 pack set, a larger one for "mommy" and a smaller one for the "child". I love how cute it is! It is pretty much the exact bottle but in two different sizes. I find it a great size for kids. Let's get started!

Product Review: Screen Joy Electronics Screen Cleaner ((GIVEAWAY ENDS JAN. 26 @12A.M. EST))

Good evening everyone! Happy Friday! I can't believe that the weekend is finally here! Today I have a product review that is sure to impress. We all have some kind of device nowadays, whether its your phone, your tablet, mp3 or even if you have a TV, we are all connected in some way. The one thing that bugs me most are smudges or having a dirty touchscreen. Isn't it just the most annoying thing to not have your touch screen work properly or to have a dirty/unclear screen? Today I have the solution for you! It's the Screen Joy Electronics Screen Cleaner! I am just so excited, can you tell? Let's get started!