Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween 2014 !!

Hope you all had a safe, fun-filled day. No reviews up today, but there will be tomorrow! Stay tuned to see some new goodies I was able to review and now show to you all! 


Here are some pictures of my Halloween! Enjoy!
 Have fun but be safe too! <3

It was a successful Halloween after all~ 
Let's end it off on a sweet note, CANDY for all :)
ENJOY and have a great evening!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Product Review: OLEAVINE 100% Plant Based Konjac Sponge infused w/Activated Charcoal

Hi everyone! It's me again with another product review!! I am actually very excited about this one, one of the new "hot" beauty products are these sponges (I've seen white ones, black ones and even special "green tea" formulated ones too!) Anyways, today I'll be reviewing the OLEAVINE 100% Plant Based Konjac Sponge infused w/Activated Charcoal. Basically it's a sponge that purifies, removes build up of oil, deep cleanses and clears pores. Let's get to reviewing!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Product Review: BITIPSY Jumbo Lemon Squeezer

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is having a great day :) I'm back today with another product review! It's the Bitipsy Jumbo Lemon Squeezer

((It is actually pretty "jumbo" and comes in a decent cardboard box when shipped.))

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Product Review: FOXBRIM Vitamin C Lotion and FOXBRIM Vitamin C Serum

Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. Today I bring to you FOXBRIM Vitamin C Lotion and FOXBRIM Vitamin C Serum. These are both part of the "Vitamin C" line and moisturize and hydrate the skin. Well let's get to it shall we!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Book Review: "The Giant and the Dwarf" by Dov Yanai

Hi everyone!! Today I bring you a book review of a book that I recently read today. It's a magical story of two beings and the journey they shared together. It's a story of enlightenment, passion, determination and so much more. I hope that you enjoy!  

Title: The Giant and the Dwarf
Author: Dov Yanai

           This story isn’t the typical folk tale or fantasy that you’re used to. Yet it engages our mind to think of the unknown, a different perspective of life and the unexpected. We live life with fantasy in our mind, naivety in our childhood and love within our palms. The story “The Giant and The Dwarf” written by Dov Yanai takes us on a journey of two beings living life to the best that they could but along the road some conflicts and difficulties arise. You will see that in this story that it is not typical or predictable by any means. It is actually quite different and very memorable.