Saturday, October 4, 2014

Book Review: "The Giant and the Dwarf" by Dov Yanai

Hi everyone!! Today I bring you a book review of a book that I recently read today. It's a magical story of two beings and the journey they shared together. It's a story of enlightenment, passion, determination and so much more. I hope that you enjoy!  

Title: The Giant and the Dwarf
Author: Dov Yanai

           This story isn’t the typical folk tale or fantasy that you’re used to. Yet it engages our mind to think of the unknown, a different perspective of life and the unexpected. We live life with fantasy in our mind, naivety in our childhood and love within our palms. The story “The Giant and The Dwarf” written by Dov Yanai takes us on a journey of two beings living life to the best that they could but along the road some conflicts and difficulties arise. You will see that in this story that it is not typical or predictable by any means. It is actually quite different and very memorable.

            The story starts out with the two beings, “Giant” and “Dwarf” but in actuality its about an older brother and his younger sister. Anything can look “giant” to this little girl, a building, a supermarket, a mall or even a tree. In this case it’s the big brother that seems huge to his sister who is actually a dwarf. When the giant goes by himself he seems normal but whenever he’s with his sister everyone stares at the difference and the dwarf’s weird features. It’s not that she’s just small, she also has a big headed, twisted body frame.
            The young girl was embarrassed everywhere she went. People would point and laugh at her calling her a strange looking doll. The dwarf ignored them and learned to live with it. She learned to accept that she’s different, that she cannot change herself and that she could not change the way people looked at her. This angered the Giant, the way they looked at her, the way they laughed and pointed and most importantly the way they treated her. Soon later, the Giant has a dream about his Totem Beast telling him that his best defense is to scare not attack and to stand tall like a giant and scary like a bear.
            The Giant begins to carry his Dwarf sister on his shoulders to seem taller than he is. By doing this the giant gained physical strength and mental power. The Dwarf was also excited by the connection she makes with her brother and how she was able to see the world in a new perspective, a way that she has never seen before. One day the giant tried to lift his sister off his shoulders but could not. It was almost like glue that she was stuck to him. He tried everything but it would not work. He tried going to his parents for help but they somehow could not see her on his shoulders. The giant continued looking for help but nothing worked. Even the work of professionals and doctors could not help, it seemed like nobody could see her!
            Time passed and the found a new problem. All that he wanted most was to be free and relieved from his sister. After years and years of searching, he finds a cave with a wise old man. Miraculously the man was able to see her. This was actually the first time that ANYBODY was able to see her. Not even medical professionals or their parents were able to see this Dwarf girl. It brought great excitement to them and the girl was glad that someone was able to notice her again.

            This story has taught me a lot about self-motivation, self-empowerment, confidence and friendship. This journey these two beings have gone through has a major impact on the reader and their mental perspective. Not everything is the same through two different set of eyes. Not everything is happy and prosperous. Not everyone is as fortunate and well off as others. The true passion comes from ones love, ones passion and ones determination that guide them through life. The courage and love that the Giant and the Dwarf shared is the greatest bond of all, family, strength, bravery and standing up for what you believe in. I did not share with you the ending that was most powering and enlightening, you will have to find out this magical ending on your own. This book has given me a new perspective on life and the way I view it. 

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