Monday, January 5, 2015

Product Review: Majestic Bombay Precision Eye Lash Curler and Precision Grooming Set

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday! Today I am bringing you a combined product review! Yup I haven't had many of those recently. I love them because I am able to show you all a variety of products from one company that are similar. It allows us all to see it all on one convenient page with everything being organized as well! Today I will be reviewing the Majestic Bombay Precision Eye Lash Curler and Precision Grooming Set. You may recognize the company name because its the same from the dental tools review I did recently (LINK). Anyways I like and dislike these products at the same time, strange but true. Let's get started!

About The Product
(From the product website and from the product itself.)

Precision Eye Lash Curler

-Eye lash curler product comes with the eye lash curler, instruction manual and 2 extra pads.
-Created with a no pinch design, grabbing each lash evenly and makes your eyes more noticeable in less than 20 seconds.
-The newly designed curler is safe and user friendly. It works great for all eye shapes and sizes.
-Product also gives a more controlled force created lashes that stay curled all day.
-The sturdy cushion handle is easy to grip and comfortable to hold.

Precision Grooming Set 

-Product Comes with 3 different types of tweezers (pointed, straight, slanted) and paid of stainless steel sharp scissors.
-The stainless steel professional tweezers have perfect alignment and will never rust.
-This product is also great for delicate areas, the extreme precision and sharpness allow you to pluck hairs and splinters without any major skin damage for quick healing.
-Product also comes with a free black faux leather case which is great for protection, storage and travel/on the go.
-Here are some great uses for the product, pointed tweezers (extremely sharp tweezers great for very small/fine ingrown hairs and splinters), straight tweezers (great for hair removal on larger areas on your face and on your bikini line), slant tip tweezers (great for precision work and for shaping/grooming), and the stainless steel scissor (trimming fingernails and toenails).

My Review

         From my introduction I mentioned that I have a like and dislike relationship with these products. Let's start with the eye lash curler. First off the packaging is okay, it comes in a plastic cover cardboard box/paper. I like that it comes with an instruction manual (great for beginners) and 2 extra pads. Upon first impression I found that my eye lash curler was a bit crooked/uneven. Upon testing it out I found that it works fine and actually creates a more cat-look effect, more curled lashes on the outside of eye which I never really experienced before. I'm not exactly sure if it is defect or what but for the amount you pay (less than $15) its a great eye lash curler.

        Now onto the grooming kit! I absolutely love this kit! It comes in this faux black leather carrying case which is small and very compact. I love all the tweezers and the scissor that it comes with! I also really enjoyed how the website told me the exact uses of each tweezer which is great since I typically only use a slanted tweezers. My alternative use for the stainless steel scissor is for trimming nose hairs (yes TMI) but that's what I've been using it for. I like the variety that the grooming kit comes with, great for on the go and traveling families with kids.

        Overall I approve of the quality of the product and for the price, the products are great, the eye lash kit and the grooming kit are both under $15. I may favor over the grooming kit just a bit more because I find that the quality is a bit better. That is not to say that the eye lash kit doesn't work, it definitely does. Eye lash curlers are difficult to review because everybody has a different eye shape and how sensitive someone's eye is very relative. If you have contacts on and go a bit too close  to your eye lid, you may tear up a bit but that goes for every brand, from Amazon sellers, to drugstore and even high end. Overall I would recommend both of these products.


Purchase The Products Here:

Precision Eye Lash Curler:

Precision Grooming Set:


*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are mine*


  1. I used to use an eyelash curler, then lost it and decided I didn't really need one anymore. I never really noticed much of a difference with it. The grooming set sounds awesome, especially since it has three different types of tweezers! I have a slanted tweezers and that is all I have ever used, but I would definitely be interested to try out the different kinds and their uses!

  2. I, too, have a like/dislike relationship with products like these! This product, though, looks great! I've never used an eyelash curler before, though I do LOVE tweezers and use them all the time! Thanks for the great post.

  3. I used to use an eyelash curler but then I started using false lashes instead. I know what you mean about the cat eye shape - I hate that. I'd love a grooming set with all of those tweezers though, mine are always going missing!

  4. I have never used an eye lash curler, but I've always wanted to try one to see what kind of results I would get. But I've always sort of been afraid it would pinch or hurt. However, I could totally use these tweezers. I'm using tweezers all of the time.

  5. The grooming kit seems great, an essential to keep in the bathroom. I've never used an eyelash curler like that as I'm too nervous to put something like that so close to my eye. Is the shape supposed to be uneven like that? Thanks for sharing this review.

  6. I love to use eyelash curlers because I have the thinnest eyelashes of anyone I know. The curler helps them to look thicker and well groomed. That one in the photo does appear to be crooked, I've never really paid attention to mine, I wonder if it's crooked as well, lol. Tweezers are a girls best friend.

  7. That would be a really cool feature of the eyelash curler if it curls the outer lashes more than the rest. I'm always trying to do that, but the ones in front always curl the most! I also like that it comes with extra pads, they get run down pretty quickly!

  8. I have one daughter that would love the whole 'cat eyes' effect that you would get from the eyelash curler... the other, not so much. I like that it has extra pads. Those are important.

  9. I have never used an eye lash curler before, never really every needed to either. The grooming kit either, lol. However my mom would love the grooming kit, she is always losing her tweezers.

  10. I am in need of a new eye lash curler myself. Although i'm not to sure how much it will actually helps my lashes out. Now for the grooming kit, I have one and love it but this one sounds great :)

  11. I have long lashes so an eyelash curler is a must! Honestly, I don't think that anything makes as much of a difference in your look than lashes do. Brows come in at a close second. I love how sharp and high quality these tweezers look!