Friday, January 23, 2015

Product Review: Get Bats Out Toliet Plunger

Hi everyone! I'm back today with an interesting review, you probably were a bit confused or disinterested when you saw the title. But hey, everybody needs one! Whether you use it once a year (or maybe even none) or more frequently, its a great product to have in your home and in your business/company. It's the Get Bats Out Toliet Plunger. It may look like your ordinary plunger but I found something different about it! Let's get started!

About The Product
(From the product website and from the product itself.)
-The products dimensions are 6 in. by 6 in. by 21 in.
-This toilet plunger is heavy duty as an industrial grade that is great for home use or in commercial settings as well.
-The soft rubber over-sized cup forms a quick seal that allows for the best pressure, fit and suction at all times.
-This product also has better sanitation as it is a plastic handle which is known to be easier to clean in comparison to wooden handles.
-The product is also easier to use with the plastic handle (no splinters or blisters) and with the quick sealing soft rubber cup that clears difficult clogs fast!
-Product comes with a free e-book "How to Poop Like a Pro-The Ultimate Guide to Healthy Bowl Movements" and will be sent to your email after your purchase is confirmed.

My Review
        Yup, it's time for my review now. I have not had any toliet clogs within the few weeks since I received this product but I feel that I know enough about it to give my honest feedback on it now. When it arrived, it came wrapped in plastic which was great and sanitary. Upon first impression, I loved that it had a plastic handle, I find them easier and less painful to grip in comparison to the wooden handles. Prior to this product I had a wooden handle toilet plunger.

        Overall I really love the way that this product works. It holds the suction and is easy to use. The one concern that I had was that the rubber from the cup suction has a odor but that was easily solved by leaving the plunger out for about a day or so. This product is great! It has a great suction and seems to have the ability to work when the plunging is necessary. I know that this topic isn't the prettiest but hey like I mentioned earlier, I'm pretty sure we all have one. Whether or not we love it, we need it. I can honestly say that this one is a keeper and at very reasonable price of under $20 I think it is a great buy!

Purchase The Product Here:

*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are mine*


  1. Why on earth is it called Get Bats out? Maybe I can find it on Google LOL. I might just order this to get the free eBook Poop Like a Pro to give my husband for a gag gift :) Amazon Prime makes you buy weird things late at night haha. These product review are almost as tempting as informercials :)

  2. I'm so intrigued as to the name... Bats? It's going totally over my head as to what the connection is lol, but it works and that's definitely what you need in a plunger ;) What a hilarious eBook title! On a side note- I love your reviews. So far, you have literally made me want to buy each and every thing you've featured!

  3. You know, a plunger is one of those things that no thinks they need until the moment comes when you actually need it. This looks like a great, heavy duty plunger. I really like the plastic handle, because you can wipe it down with a little bleach or lysol to keep it sanitary; I always worry about what the wood handles are absorbing!

  4. Oh my goodness you made me remember the mad hunt for a plunger last year, I learned the hard way they loose functionality after a couple years and how expensive they have gotten. It seems we are constantly busting out the plunger to unclog a toilet. We had a wooden plunger once and I hated the splinters I got from it.

  5. Bats out of the toilet really threw me off I never head of it being used as a figure of speech! LOL I actually own a plunger just like this!

  6. Why did it have an odor smell, I agree with most comments here, no one thinks of the plunger until you actually have a clogged toilet. I remember back we used to make our own.

  7. The name really threw me off as well. I wonder what inspired them to use that name. We all need a plunger and I will admit I've never put much thought into which brand or type I got before this review.

  8. Bats out of the toilet made me laugh so much - what a peculiar name! Still, plungers are always handy to have as my boys seem to stick as much paper down there as they can in the week if I'm not watching carefully!

  9. Bats out of the toilet?! What a bizarre name for a toilet plunger but hey, at least it catches peoples attention! We don't own a plunger but we've never had any problems.

  10. Toilet plungers are one of those things that you never think about until that moment when you need one badly. The Get Bats Out plunger looks very sturdy and the plastic handle is a simple but great idea! Wooden handles are fine for a while but they invariably rot and crack and as for splinters!!! I think it’s time to order myself one.