Monday, January 26, 2015

Product Review: Bobu Cuisine Grinder Set

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you are all having a great day so far! Today I have for you another great product review! It's the Bobu Cuisine Grinder Set. I have reviewed quite a few different grinder sets before but this one is one of the cutest I have ever seen! it's actually quite sphere shaped at the base and fits in your hand perfectly. If you are aiming for that elegant kitchen, this grinder set is great for you! Although it isn't easily stored as it does take up more space, I think its a great all around salt and pepper grinder! Let's get started!

About The Product
(From the product website and from the product itself.)
-Product dimensions are 3.2 in by 4.9 in. by 3.2 in and it weighs about 0.6 oz.
-Product has an elegant and unique design with the black and white shade in a stylish oval shape made of glass.
-The adjustable ceramic grinding mechanism allows you to easily control the size from fine to coarse and many stages in between. 
-Product has a covered lid cap that fits perfectly on top of each grinder and they are both refillable with a manual function which requires no batteries.
-Product is also easy to clean with parts that easily unscrew and can be washed/wiped down with a wet cloth. Do not put in the dishwasher and avoid excessive water use.
-Product also comes with a very handy e-book and a 100% guarantee.

My Review
        I am really loving this grinder set! I mean who doesn't want some freshly grinded salt or pepper with their food. I think that it really adds such a lovely flavor to a dish and its so simple to do! That is one my best kept secrets to adding a extra bold taste to my food, either using freshly grinded salt/pepper or using a zester. I have tried many grinders before but I have never had one that I could custom grind, that is just fantastic! I love all the different "levels" I can grind to and personalize it to my tastes and to the person. Some love a larger grind while others just want a fine sprinkle. 

        In regard to the size, it is a bit bulky, I mean it fits perfectly in your palm, would be great as a gift and does look very pretty on the dining table. Overall I think this is a great product. I have a regular sized to small kind of kitchen so I don't typically have the largest kitchen storage space but with the special grinder setting I definitely make room for this. I wish that it was a bit more compact and maybe even a 2 in 1 product but I love the custom grind that it doesn't even matter! I would definitely recommend this product.


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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are mine*


  1. What perfect timing! We were just discussing buying grinders. We usually buy the salt and pepper in disposable grinding containers, and prefer the flavor in these as well. We figure that we could buy a variety of salt and peppers and refill if we purchased our own grinders. I will look for this brand.

  2. I love grinder sets! I had my mom's old ones after she passed and they were wonderful. Sadly, both got broken years later and I have yet to go buy new ones. These look really great, I haven't seen or heard of them before now I will have to try to find them!

  3. As I was rooting around the pantry looking for pepper, I thought to myself I needed a new grinder. I like the modern look of this set but it does look a bit thick to fit comfortably in your hands. I do like the glass bottom though.

  4. This seems like a nice set. I have recently started using a pepper grinder and I have found it to be very beneficial. Thanks for telling me about this set, I am going to have to check it out.

  5. I'm not in the market for a new set right now, but this looks like a great set to have a few on hand with the wedding season coming up. Looks like something you would see at Crate & Barrel. I used to buy my Dad a pepper grinder every year.

  6. I actually think that these are really adorable! I got a REALLY tall pepper grinder for my wedding ( like a foot tall) and I really wish that I had something totally cute like this. I really love the "bulb" look. And I would totally give this as a gift!

  7. This looks like a great set to give as a gift or to get. I love the size of them very practical to use at the table and in the kitchen. Love the different grinding options.

  8. Oh, They are on the larger size but I love them! They are so cool looking. I think these are something my boyfriend would enjoy. He loves cooking and often kicks me out of the kitchen if I try to help or clean up around him... lol Thank you so much for sharing. I am going to have to look into getting him a set! =D

  9. These look like they would make a nice addition to any kitchen. It's nice that the colors are black and white so they can match any kitchen's color scheme. That's really neat that you can set the level of how fine you want your salt or pepper to be!

  10. I was just looking for salt + pepper grinders the other day and had the hardest time finding what I was looking for. These look adorable though + I love that they're like your typical salt and pepper shaker, but a little more fun! I'll definitely be hunting these down!