Sunday, January 4, 2015

Product Review: AirComfy Travel Pillow

Hi everyone! Good evening to all! Have you traveled recently? I have been on the road and on an airplane a couple times these past few months, do you ever have the problem of not being comfortable? The AirComfy Travel Pillow can definitely be your life saver! It actually self-inflates which was my biggest compliment to it and it comes with a bag for easy storage. Let's get started!

About The Product
(From the product website and from the product itself.)
-Product weighs about 6.2 oz. and its dimensions are 8.5 in. by 4.5 in. by 4.5 in.
-Product self-inflates by turning the easy-open valve and within seconds it is ready to use. You can inflate and deflate easily with the valve.
-Offers full neck support with the pillow cradling the arch in your neck providing support.
-The unique side wings prevents your head for tilting which prevents future neck pains.
-The product is compact and low profile. It allows you to relax without the bulkiness of the traditional U-shaped neck pillow. This one is shaped more like an eye mask.
-It is also easy to strap on, you can secure it to your headrest with the easy elastic band.
-Product is also very easy to clean, can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

My Review
        Overall I have a mixed review on this product. I love the travel friendly aspect of it and it is less bulky but I can't seem to inflate it properly or to a height I want. Another thing is that it attracts lint quite easily, it is made from a velvet type of material. On the bright side, I love the elastic band on the back that allows an easy application and removal. I actually brought this product with me on my past family road trip in the car and I was so relaxed with it. 

        The shape of it is very unique, like the shape of a traditional eye mask. The travel pillow really does comfort your head and prevent neck pains which is a huge plus for me. I would say that neck pains would be one of the reasons I try not to sleep in awkward or cramp positions if possible. This product claims to inflate within seconds which it did but then it seemed to stop for me after about a minute (maybe that is the maximum?). It was actually quite a great product since it does self-inflate and deflate when necessary. 

        Overall I would recommend this product, if you don't mind a little lint (which can be cleaned with a damp cloth) then you will love it! It comes in a black sleek pouch and yes it does fit when deflated which is great for traveling and on the go!

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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are mine*

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  1. Interesting! I currently use a pillow that I have to blow up and this is a huge pain! However, I can blow it up to just the right stiffness.....but it does not have a strap! I went to NYC over the summer and it was such a long flight...I was consistently adjusting the pillow and a few times it fell on the ground! YUCK! I know what you mean with the material as mine does the same....pretty common. I would be interested in this because of the strap, that is vital on long flights as I found out!