Friday, January 23, 2015

Product Review: Bobee Momma and Baby Elephant Decals

Hi everyone! Happy Friday to all! Today I have a short review on a great product that I've been loving. I really love anything that has to do with home decorating and DIYs. It's the Bobee Momma and Baby Elephant Decals! They are just so cute and are so easy to use! Let's get started!

About The Product

(From the product website and from the product itself.)

-Product comes in a tube to prevent damage to the stickers.

-Comes with 2 decals, one larger "momma" and the smaller "baby".
-Featured in the gray color. (They also sell other colored elephant decals.)

My Review

        Short and simple, they're great. They are basically stickers that you can stick to the wall or cabinet if you really want to. They would be really cute in a baby nursery or a children's room. I really love the two sizes of this specific one, it is super cute and creates a great bond between the parent and the baby. There isn't really feminine about the larger elephant so it could actually be the daddy as well. Overall they are great! Excellent shipping style and they really stick. Only thing is that I would prefer the colored ones (link below) which would be really cute as well! These are such great decals coming from a great company. The quality really is there and the price is very affordable.


Check out the Bobee collection here:

Colored Elephant Decals:


*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are mine*

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  1. Oh this is adorable! My cousin [who is a foster mom] is obsessed with elephants so this is a great gift idea! Thanks! Great review!