Thursday, January 8, 2015

Product Review: The Live Well CD (Techniques for Managing Stress) ((GIVEAWAY ENDS DEC. 13 @12a.m. EST))

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! I have an amazing product for you all today. It's the The Live Well CD. I am absolutely in love with this product! It is so calming, makes me feel confident and inspired and so much more! I highly recommend this product and can't wait to share it with all of you. Let's get started!

About The Product
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Created by Janet Montgomery and Jeff Gold.
-Creates a guided experience of great techniques and managing the every day stress.
-The strategies include breathing techniques, affirmations, visualization, conscious thinking, changing negative thought patterns, progressive relaxation and the guided imagery interactive experience.

My Review
        From my introduction you can definitely tell that is an amazing product. I absolutely how calming, refreshing and relaxing this CD is! The voice in the CD is just so calming and soothing. It's amazing how sound and these strategies really help calm you down without anything remotely physical. I think my favorite out of the 8 strategies are the visualization, changing negative thought patterns and the guided imagery interactive experience. I am a very visual learner and found these to be so relaxing for me. You guys are going to get tired of me saying the word "relaxing" in one review but the truth is that it really is so calming! There really isn't another word to describe it! 

        Okay let me use the "visualization" sample (link posted below) as an example, the voice is extremely mellow, calm and so nice to listen to. Then they tell you to visualize an apple and how juicy it is. It might be strange if you've never heard it before but wow it really did work! Try it for yourself below, there is a short clip of that track. Overall this is an excellent product and I would love to try out the other CDs in the collection, there are also some for sleeping and for kids! Excellent buy and very worth your money!

Purchase The Product Here:

Check out a sample of the clip "visualization" here:


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  1. This sounds very relaxing. Thanks for hosting a giveaway.

  2. Need relaxing, Would like to try this. Thank You

  3. The voice is very soft and relaxing!!