Monday, January 12, 2015

Product Review: Ceiling Medallion by Marie Ricci

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful Monday evening! Today I have a decor/DIY type of product to share for you all today. Just because I am not the best at painting, I have chosen a few photos that portray the product beautifully and an alternate idea for design! It's the Ceiling Medallion by Marie Ricci! It is such a beautifully put together product and looks so beautiful in person! Let's get started!

About The Product
(From the product website and from the product itself.)
-Product is 18" in diameter with a 3.25" opening for wires. (Max. of a 6" canopy.)
-This DIY Sweet Dreams Ceiling Medallion is a casting from Marie Ricci's hand carved original design. You have the option to leave it white or to paint over it.
-Painting and installation instructions are included (paper instructions and the back).
-The product looks great in nurseries, kid rooms and bedrooms.
-Made in the USA (Marie Ricci has been a carver for over 25 years.)

My Review
        Overall I am loving this product! I was a bit skeptical when it first arrived in the package, it looked large and a bit hard to put together in application. I was so wrong! When opened, the paper instructions that it comes with is just so helpful! Also when you turn the product on the flat end, it has "X" marks and lines to show exactly where you should apply and such. I am so glad that it came with those instructions! 

        Sometimes you just find a product that has been mass produced in a factory where the company really doesn't care much about the consumer but this product and design by Marie Ricci is the complete opposite! I feel like when the product was designed and manufactured they kept the consumer in mind in the process to create an easy application. You may look at the Amazon listing (link below) and think that its too expensive but in actuality, it really isn't ceiling medallions are pricey, they're decorative and last a long time. 

        While searching for photos to show what the product looks like when decorated, I found an alternative method for those who don't want to use it as a ceiling medallion. You could also cover that hole and use it as a decorative piece, like a portrait or paining or inspirational words. I love that idea! I think the photos really make the product stand out and look absolutely adorable and beautiful! Overall this is an excellent product and very worth the money!

These are not my photos below:


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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are mine*


  1. Very cool. I have seen these around and have shied away because they look too complicated. However, the instructions that come with this are useful and don't make it seem so difficult. I do love the pictures you have chosen to post. They're absolutely gorgeous.

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