Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Good morning friends. Happy Wednesday! Finally half-way through the week! I know this post is a bit late but better a bit late then never! This is actually my first month with 'Love With Food' and I'm not sure if I'm going to continue, not because I don't like it, just because I have way too many boxes coming every month. I do really enjoy the variety and plan to re-subscribe in the future. I actually got the cheapest 'box' option and I'm quite impressed with all the great snack that I got. There are lots of different boxes and you can cancel at any time. You can even do it directly on the site, how easy is that? Let's get started!

Final Thoughts
Overall I am quite impressed with this box, I got 8 different snacks, each of a different kind of variety, from cookies to crackers to granola and fruit snacks. Like I mentioned earlier, this is the 'cheapest' option known as the 'Tasting Box'. With even this option, you can see all of the goodies that I received. Each month is different and you are sure to find some great snacks. After trying out the snacks, you can even buy them directly on the site with free shipping (this goes for ANY snack sold on the website). Quite handy if you ask me. They offer lots of great natural and organic snacks which is fantastic. Also with each box sent, they provide a meal to a hungry child. How great is that? I think it's wonderful.
Below I have posted a photo of all the different options, prices do vary but with my link down below, you do get 40% off your first tasting box which should be quite affordable. You can cancel right afterwards as well. Overall I would recommend it and while I am not currently subscribed, I do plan to re-subscribe again. Have you tried any of these snacks before? What do you think about this subscription box?

Question Of The Day
Are you a Love With Food subscriber?
Have you tried any of these snacks before?
If not, what would you try?


Interested? Check this out. 
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*All products mentioned in this post are purchased by me and this is NOT a sponsored post. The link listed is my invite link, you are not obligated to use it or check it out but you do receive a 40% off first box discount when you do.*


  1. I see many of my favorite products in there. I love those snap peas.

  2. I like the idea of a gluten free box..might just try that one.

  3. this looks like a yummy treat for a hungry appetite. The cost too looks economical for so many goodies. I shall give it a try.