Sunday, March 29, 2015

Product Review: Dot & Dot Travel Products (Travel Bottles and Packing Sleeves)

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! How are you all doing this lovely afternoon? Anybody traveling for Spring Break? I have the great goodies for you! Today I will be reviewing the Dot & Dot Travel Products, in particular the 1.25 oz travel bottles and the 15" and the 18" packing organizers. They really are essential when traveling and make the process so much easier and stress-free. Let's get started!

About The Products
(From the product website and the product itself.)
Travel Bottles 1.25 oz
-Product comes with 4 colored travel bottles that are 1.25 oz each.
-They are 100% BPA Free Food Grade Silicone.
-There is a strong suction cup on one end for easy storage or placement.
-They are TSA approved/carry-on approved at being under 3 oz.
-They also have a leak-proof design that is easy to refill and clean.
-The product is high quality and can be easily identifiable.

Packing Organizer 15"
-Product comes with one 15" packing organizer and a shirt folding sheet.
-This 15" packing folder's dimensions is 15" by 10".
-It minimizes wrinkles and keeps your clothes in place during travel.
-It also maximizes luggage space by compressing your clothes.
-It can hold up to 7 different items.

Packing Organizer 18"
-Product comes with one 18" packing organizer and a shirt folding sheet.
-This 18" packing folder's dimensions are 18" by 12".
-It products your clothes from dirt and wrinkles during travel.
-Also makes folding and packing fast and easy.
-This product can hold about 8-12 items.

My Review
          Alright now onto reviewing! Overall I find these products to be so helpful and handy when traveling. Those travel bottles are the perfect size for my liquids (soap, shampoo/conditioner, body wash, etc.) and the packing organizers definitely help with compressing my clothing. The only difference between the two packing organizers is that one is slightly larger than the other one. So if I was going on a 1-2 day trip, the 15" would work great and if I was going on a 2-4 day trip, that 18" would work great for me. I know everybody has and brings different items with them so you would go accordingly to that. I definitely think they are so helpful and easy to use when traveling.

          Overall I think these products are fantastic. You can definitely see how nicely made they are and that they are built to last. I really do love Dot & Dot products for traveling, they just make the process so much less stressful and when you're at your destination, its easy to unpack and re-pack when you're done. I would definitely recommend these products to others. They really are the best. You can check out all of the photos in this post to see the products both individually and in a comparison.


Purchase The Products Here:
Dot & Dot Company Website:

Dot & Dot 1.25oz Travel Bottles:

Dot & Dot 15" Packing Sleeves:

Dot & Dot 18" Packing Sleeves:


*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*


  1. Wow! What a great review. These travel size products look perfect for anyone on the go! I would definitely use them when traveling to Disney this year with my girls.

  2. I love those travel bottles. I have used some similar ones on my trips.

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