Monday, March 16, 2015

Product Review: Whole Kitchen Kaboodle Metallic Flash Temporary Tattoos

Hi everyone! Today I have for you a fun and pretty trendy product to share with you all today! It's the Whole Kitchen Kaboodle Metallic Flash Temporary Tattoos! They are actually pretty cool, they go on like regular tattoos but are just so pretty! Yes they are quite "metallic shiny" kind of sheen to them but I found that after a day or so, it does get less "shiny" over time. For me they lasted for about 3 days but I can see a different person that doesn't use hand sanitizer or wash their hands as often as I do with this tattoo lasting for 5 days or more even. Let's get started!
About The Product:
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product comes in a set of 4 different sheet tattoos. 

-Includes gold, silver and black variety designed tattoos.

-Instructions to use these tattoos are the same with regular tattoos, choose which tattoo you want to apply, clean the skin (make sure it is dry) and apply a damp cloth or paper towel to that area (I found cool water working best) and after about a minute or so the tattoo should have transferred. You will want to make sure that the entire tattoo is not adhered to your skin. Now you're done! 

My Review
        I really am loving these! I chose to try out the infinity sign one and I am so loving it! I even shared it on Instagram (Check it out). In that photo I tried to capture how "metallic like" it is but it kind of appeared like it would peel off or something, it is not like that at all. It's such a nice twist on the traditional tattoo which is why I think they're so popular nowadays. They were the exact same process as with regular tattoos, check out those pics below for that. You cut out the desired tattoo, place it on clean skin, and just wet it and within a minute or two, your tattoo is ready to last! 

       I can even see these being great for parties and events. You can see the longer thinner ones that look almost like bracelets, those would be perfect! I really just love how metallic it truly is, what you see on that sheet is what you get! I am so glad that I was able to try these out and I know you all will love them too! Overall I think these are fantastic and with the 4 sheets that I got to try out, I would definitely say that there is a design in there for everybody! And also for the price, its perfect as well! I would definitely recommend these.

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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*


  1. Cute I wanna try one plus I like all of the design.

  2. I like all of these designs. This is a good product for someone considering a tattoo.