Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Show And Tell: Tarte Cosmetics 'Eye Opening 12 Piece Amazonian Clay Eyeliner Set'-Holiday 2013

Hi everyone! Let's try something new today! What's my

 passion? I have a few that come to mind but beauty is 

definitely something I love. I know that this set isn't new 

(from Holiday 2013) but I just picked it up and swatched 

it and thought it would be so fun to share it with you all. 

The style of a "show and tell" is more of a quick review 

with lots of photos and demos/swatched (if possible).

Let's get started!


There are 12 liners in this set, 0.042 oz. each.

The colors are:

1. Golden Plum

2. Hunter Green

3. Chocolate

4. Navy

5. Charcoal

6. Brown

7. Black

8. Bronze

9. Antique Gold

10. Jungle Green

11. Plum

12. Nude

What do you guys think about this set. Would you 

purchase this? Personally for me, I don't typically use 

eyeliner on my top lid but instead I tight-line my water 

line and usually use a nude or peach eye brightening 

liner on my bottom lash line. My eyes are shaped in a 

way that any thick liner at all will make my eyes appear 

not as bright as I'd like them to be.

I definitely do have some favorites in this bunch, I really 

love the Chocolate, Navy, Bronze and Antique Gold. I 

feel like the colors aren't really bright or vibrant at all but

are more of a "smokey" effect. I found that they do 

smudge a bit and are much better with a primer on. 

Overall for the price of $25 (sale), I would say they're 

worth it, that makes it about $2/liner which is 

fantastic.The bag is also super cute don't you think? It 

does also come with a pencil sharpener. 

See you all next time for another SHOW AND TELL!







Sephora:(May Be Out Of Stock)


Nordstom Rack:

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  1. What a deal! Very economical and I love the case to keep the liners organized!

  2. TOTALLY worth it! I LOVE Tarte and the colors are amazing! I could never pick a favorite color I want all of them !

  3. Nice shades. it will greatly fit my new stash.

  4. Nice! Lots of gorgeous colors. I've never been brave enough to try anything other than jet black. I would love to experiment with these colors. I think the Hunter Green and Antique Gold would look great with my eyes.

  5. I use eyeliner every day so yes I would purchase this set. Plus the case is so pretty.

  6. My go to eyeliner is usually just a jet black, but the these colors are gorgeous. I would have to say that I would like to try the bronze or the plumb. I have seen some amazing pictures of different people using bronze and would love to try it out.

  7. I don't wear lot of makeup but eyeliner is a must for me! I can picture myself buying this set soon! Thanks for sharing. You earned a new follower!

    Please check out my blog whenever you have time!

  8. I have just started wearing eye liner and I have a strong urge to buy this set now! These look like some amazing colors! I love the variety. And what a deal!

  9. Great colors. My granddaughter would love to get this.

  10. This sounds like it is high quality and works very well. I love the wide variety of colors included too.