Friday, July 31, 2015

FOOD FRIDAY: Snacks Haul+Review from Phil Am Food "EVERYTHING SWEET EDITION"

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! TGIF! Also a happy FOOD FRIDAY "Week 8" to you all as well. I have a great post for you all today, especially if you love anything sweet! A good variety as well from dried fruit to cookies, cakes and more! This post is brought to you by Phil Am Food, a great Filipino/Asian supermarket located in Jersey City, NJ as well as a fully-operated online shop of goods. Let's get started! 

Isn't this a lovely haul? This is the "everything sweet edition" so these are 5 snacks that I was able to review for you all this time around. I'll keep it brief but detailed enough. Let's start with the Jack & Jill Cloud 9 Bars, these are almost like American Snickers. It's a chocolate bar with all the fixings and peanuts. Personally I didn't find this one my favorite though I am not a big fan of Snickers. This one is definitely not as sweet and the "crisp rice aka like Rice Krispies cereal" makes for a nice touch. Next up, the Suncrest Fudgee Bars which is pretty much your basic brownie. The packaging made it look really luscious and fudge-liquid filled but unfortunately it really wasn't so. Though there is a nice balance, I was expecting a more chocolately filling.

Now, the FilChips Banana Chips are so amazing. Basically a banana chip that has been sweetened with a sugar glaze. Oh my I am so in love with these, hands down one of my faves! They are just so easy to eat, aren't too hard and just a perfect snack and cheat-treat. The Big Bite Regular Barquillos are another hands down fave for me, these are basically cookie egg rolls. These are very much like the Chinese egg roll cookies. They are flaky, buttery/creamy and so delicious! Last but not least the Philippines Brand Dried Mangoes, these are another family favorite. I really love mangoes and these are true to the flavor, aren't too sweet/sugary and just a wonderful snack for on the go.

Overall I am quite pleased with my haul. Though I don't absolutely love each product doesn't mean you won't. Everybody has different tastes and preferences though I hope my pictures helped you learn more about these different snacks. I just wanted to share a little bit about Phil Am Food. They are a very affordable Filipino/Asian Supermarket located in New Jersey as well as a online retailer. They really do sell everything from sauces to noodles to snacks and drinks. It's incredible variety! They do also accept Paypal and their Facebook Page+Website are always very helpful and there are even coupon codes available! Hope you enjoyed this week's FOOD FRIDAY!


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  1. Mmmm!!! The banana and mango chips sound fantastic!! Im not a huge sweets fan myself but love love love dried fruits!! The wafers sound so light and fantastic as well :)

  2. The big bite cookies look yummy. I also want to try the fudge cake one.

  3. What!?! GOODIES OVERLOAD! So many yummies I love wafer rolls or Milk Wafers ... The dried Mangos Yes please! And let's not forget the FUDGE BAR!!! The banana chips I could take or leave - I have those often enough but wow just all of it looks soooo scrumptious!

  4. OH man these all look so good! Those banana chips have me drooling. Yum!