Thursday, August 20, 2015

Let's Learn About: "The White Swan" by Anthony Klatch [Book]

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! This is the second installment of "Let's Learn About"! The first post is HERE. And no don't worry, they aren't related really at all, though it is in the same format/style of writing and such. These are NOT reviews and mainly more just for informational purposes. It's almost like telling a friend about something cool or new or interesting. Today I am sharing with you "The White Swan" by  Anthony Klatch [Book]. It's actually pretty interesting and I'd consider it a realistic fiction novel. There are themes of philosophy, religion, economics all in a real life world setting which create such a interesting experience for the reader. Let's get started!
About The Book
-Available in Kindle version[1115 KB] and paperback [522 pages].
-Published on December 29, 2014)
-This book is written in English.

About The Author
Mr. Anthony J. Klatch II was born in Hazleton, PA, and he currently resides in Tampa, FL. He holds an Honors Engineering Degree and an MBA from Lehigh University. Since he was 21, Mr. Klatch has managed five hedge funds, and he has spent the last four years writing non-fiction tomes dedicated to plying society with his financial theories: “The Market is not Random” and “The Art of Revenue.” Mr. Klatch was has a tested 174 IQ on the Wechsler Intelligence scale, and he has also scored a 47 out of 50 on the Wonderlic Test of personality/intelligence. “The White Swan” is his entrance into fictional philosophy.

Short Summary
"The White Swan" is a philosophical fiction novel that describes a United States on the brink of economic collapse due to ever-increasing debt. However, a young man, which loosely resembles the author's own life, defines a way to save the system, but his plan is put into place by a wealthy, older, sociopathic rival. 
The book is written in a fast-paced manner that reads like a sophisticated screenplay. It has themes of sexuality and religion permeating throughout, but more than anything, the book illustrates a surprisingly realistic future that America is headed towards, and its title is derived from theories built off the writings of Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" and Nassim Taleb's "The Black Swan."


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*This is my own promotional post for the book above. I have been compensated to post this. It is 100% honest and simply just sharing about the book to spark interest.*

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  1. THAT is why this book sounds so familiar! The Black Swan! I knew it kept ringing a bell and Ayn Rand is one of my favorite authors! WOW this book sounds RIGHT up my alley and you know they say you can't judge a book by its cover! Its TRUE! Had I only seen this book without reading your synopsis I would have thought it some kind of fantasy novel! I am totally interested in reading this! Thank you so much!