Friday, August 7, 2015

FOOD FRIDAY: Snacks Haul+Review from Phil Am Food "SAVORY SNACKS"

Good morning friends and HAPPY FRIDAY! As well as a happy FOOD FRIDAY "Week 9" to all of you on my blog! This is PART 2 of the "SNACKS HAUL" that I posted on Instagram a couple weeks back.  Last Friday I posted the "SWEET SNACKS" edition, you check out HERE. As for today, it will all be "SAVORY SNACKS", all those fun munchies, the salty, the flavorful goodness! This post is brought to you by Phil Am Food, a great Filipino/Asian supermarket located in Jersey City, NJ as well as a fully-operated online shop of goods. Let's get started! 

What do you guys think about this haul? Isn't it pretty awesome? I definitely do enjoy variety, you get to try different types of snacks as well as different flavorings! Let's start with the Boy Bawang Cornick in the BBQ Flavor snack. This is definitely one of my favorites of all time. It is basically fried corn with BBQ seasoning. It's affordable and I always have some on hand. Next up is the Sky Flakes Crackers in the Onion&Chives Flavor. These are another favorite of mine. They're almost buttery-like a Ritz Cracker but the onion+chive flavor truly make it unique. Once you start you just can't stop! Next up is the Tito Al's Chicharron Strips in the Salt+Garlic+Onion Flavor. This is one my dad's favorites, he loves this as a all day snack and especially with beer. I do enjoy it as well and think the flavor compliments each other quite nicely.

One snack that had me quite curious for is the Roller Coaster Potato Rings in the Cheese Flavor. Doesn't that sound pretty unique? To my surprise, they were pretty much as the photo shows and what you'd expect. Cheese flavored potato rings. The texture and crunch of these remind me much of Lays Potato Crisps, a more "harder" bite versus Pringles Potato Crisps. Though it was a bit strange at first, after you kept eating, this was one that got better as I kept eating.  Next up is the Saki Ika Prepared Squid in the Hot Flavor. I'm not quite sure if its just cuttlefish, squid or whatever but I do enjoy it. This one is more sweet compared to others like the Jane Jane Brand (SEE THAT REVIEW HERE). I do enjoy this one as well and find it a nice balance between a sweet and salty/spicy snack. Don't be afraid because it says hot because it really isn't that bad at all. 

Last but not least is the Wow Mani Garlic Peanuts. These are another one of the favorites of my household. They are basically roasted peanuts with garlic chips. Another family favorite and pretty great for all ages. The peanuts are great by themselves but with a garlic chip they are even better! My dad does say that it's great with a beer but even without that, they are truly fantastic. Overall I am quite pleased with my haul. I am thoroughly pleased with pretty much all of the items hauled in this post. Everybody has different tastes and preferences though I hope my pictures helped you learn more about these different snacks. 

I just wanted to share a little bit about PhilAm FoodThey are a very affordable Filipino/Asian Supermarket located in New Jersey as well as a online retailer. They really do sell everything from sauces to noodles to snacks and drinks. It's incredible variety! They do also accept Paypal and their Facebook Page+Website are always very helpful and there are even coupon codes available! Hope you enjoyed this week's FOOD FRIDAY!


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  1. Those look like such interesting snacks! I am curious about the squid and the garlic peanuts.

  2. I love trying new foods. The squid one looks interesting. I would tried the crackers.

  3. I have not seen any of these brands before. They are different.

  4. The WOW Mani with Garlic caught my eye - I love a simple snack with an added flavor like this. I have to say though I would love to try those potato rings!