Saturday, August 29, 2015

Show And Tell: Birchbox August 2015-'Candidly Nicole' Curated Box

Good morning friends! I'm back at it with sharing another monthly sub box! This month I did choose to get the curated [you know everything that you'll get] box as I do think it's a pretty great one. It is $10 a month and personally I feel like some months are more worth it than others and you can kind of pick and choose which you want [cancel and re-subscribe], it is a per monthly basis. The box for this month is also really cute. I mean come on, it's colorful, bright and full of pretty flowers! If you want to see what I got for IPSY AUGUST 2015, CHECK THAT OUT HERE. Well let's get started!


Final Thoughts
What do you guys think? I definitely find this box worth the $10. What got me most excited was the lip/cheek stain, the microdermabrasian cream and the nail polish. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised at the great variety mix I got. You can see from the swatches above that I am one happy camper. That lip/cheek color is just so pretty! Though it may not be an everyday color for me [I love mauve, berry/red], I do think it is very pigmented. When blended out, it can also be very pretty on the cheeks as you can see. As far as the nail polish, I was lucky enough to get the 'dusty peach' shade, these nail polishes don't even have a name on them so sorry I can't tell you that at the moment. I know that everybody got a random color out of a variety of 4 different ones.

The microdermabrasian cream is thick in consistency and you can't even see the little sand granules until you get it onto your face. I do enjoy it. The hair product [purple tube], I actually don't use because my hair is naturally very straight, normal and I don't use products in my hair at all. Last but not least, the in-shower tanner. It smells just like lotion and does give you a nice little glow, it is easy to use and if you want a deeper color, use it more frequently. I just used it once to achieve my desired look. Overall I am quite pleased with this box. I am not a huge fan of Birchbox because of the not-so much makeup in these boxes but I am glad I ordered this one. Just a FYI, I am not subscribed for Sept. as I do not feel like the products are worth it for me. Hope you enjoyed this post!


Question Of The Day
Are you a monthly subscriber?
If not, what product interests you most?


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*All items mentioned in this post has been purchased by me. It is NOT sponsored. All words are my own and honest opinion.*


  1. I've never tried the subscription boxes. Since the OPI nail polish can cost around $9 in my area, I think it would be a good deal. Can you choose colors?

    1. This is actually a mini-bottle. I believe Ulta is selling 4 mini-bottles for about $14 or $15 right now for the new OPI collection. You were not able to choose the shades so that was a bit of a surprise.

  2. I use to subscribe to this and a lot of other boxes but I had to stop, it was out of control lol. I do think it is worth the 10.00 and the pretty things you can do with the boxes is awesome! All of the boxes are as pretty as a picture! I like your box. I like the same items you do but Dr. Brandt is great stuff so that would be my fav not that I ever mind getting more makeup!

  3. I've never subscribed to this one because I would like more make-up products. This box is pretty good with the nail polish and the lip/cheek stain. I love how the nail polish is a neutral color.

  4. That is lot of product for 10.00.This would make a great gift.

  5. I would like to try the nail polish and tanner. That looks like a nice box!

  6. I might consider subscribing to Birch Box because $10 a month is such a good price for these products. Most other subscription boxes are so expensive. I'd like to try this out. I love the nail polishes and the leave in hair cream.