Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Product Review: Clear Konjac 100% Natural Bamboo Charcoal Sponge

Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! How is everybody today? I have for you another great product review! It's for the Clear Konjac 100% Natural Black Charcoal Sponge! Man I can't even begin to say how much I love konjac sponges just in general. They're a quick fix if you're lazy in the morning like I am when it comes to washing/cleaning my face. Konjac sponges really have been a lifesaver for me and they're great as an exfoliator (especially for sensitive skin types!). Overall I really think this product is a winner! Let's get started!

About The Product
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product dimensions are 2.8 in. by 2.2 in by 0.4 in. and weighs about 0.3 oz.
-Experience a perfect at home facial, spa day or just daily cleansing with this natural and luxurious konjac sponge. Can be used daily without any irritations at all.
The fibers are all natural konjac plant fiber with 100% natural premium ingredients.
-This konjac sponge is also a natural and gentle exfoliator for the skin. It can help remove dead skin cells and leave your skin clearer, smooth and naturally clean.
-This sponge is also bamboo charcoal infused which is great for removing stubborn pore-clogging oil or dirt which leaves your pores clean and clear.

My Review
          Now let's get to reviewing! Like mentioned earlier, konjac sponges in the past have been wonderful for me! This brand is definitely that and more! It comes in a nice matte plastic packaging which was nice, the others I have tried were in a cardboard box that was slightly smushed. Upon taking it out, it looked a bit smaller than others that I have tried but I was determined to see how it worked and compared to others I have tried in the past. 

          If you have never used a konjac sponge before, don't fret! Yours isn't broken or used, its just "dehydrated" as I put it. You have to soak it in warm water (works best for me) then use it that way. It should get softer and puffy (and expand) when it is ready for use! You can see my photos below on how to know when it's really "done". It shouldn't take too long, for me its usually about 5 minutes. Also note that after using it, it does dry up again but not to this extent. Now let's talk about how it works and my final thoughts on it.

       Overall this konjac sponge is pretty terrific. The main difference I see with this one versus others is that it is a bit smaller which is fine with me, it works to get the curves of my face (around the lip area, down my neck and around my nose). The bamboo charcoal is also really great if you have acne-prone skin or if you tend to be a bit on the oily skin type side. I have combo skin and it works pretty great for me. What I really love about this sponge is the exfoliating part, it is just so gentle you barely feel it doing anything and this goes for me even with semi-sensitive skin. After you're done with the sponge you just wash it off and hang it to dry. You can also put a bit of a liquid cleanser on the sponge and use it that way as well. Overall I would definitely recommend it to others.
After it is at its "full size".


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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*


  1. OMG I WILL be purchasing this! I need this in my life haha I def have my lazy days and this would come in handy. Thanks for the post!

  2. Bamboo Charcoal Sponges are my favorite knojac sponges. I haven't heard of this brand before. I will have to check them out. Thanks!

  3. I really want to try this sponge out!! I've had a recent obsession with anything involving charcoal! I don't know why, but I just feel like it makes products work better!