Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Product Review: Smarty Pants Supplies Shower Curtain Liner

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday to you all! Good evening everyone. Hope this evening has been going well so far. Today I have for you a short and simple review. There's not much to it, it's pretty basic and the product works great. It's the Smarty Pants Supplies Shower Curtain Liner. Pretty interesting company name isn't it? Anyways, let's get started!
About The Product
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product's dimensions are is 72 in. by 72 in. and this shower liner is clear.
-This is the clearest liner on the market, it is practically invisible.
-It is also made for long term usage and has tear proof metal grommets.
-Save and protect your bathroom floors with this waterproof barrier.
-100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

My Review
As you guys can see, this shower liner is pretty awesome. You can see from the description that it is everything you want in a shower liner! It's fairly affordable, is pretty durable in my opinion and you can't really see it at all! I remember back when my mom used to buy shower liners that were kind of a milky white color. These are even better! I just find that if it is clear, I can see the mess/dirt easier and clean it right there and then. I also really like the size of it, it actually fits my shower great, it was true to size with the one I received. The top part of the liner is also great and durable.
Overall I would recommend this product. I just wish that the bottom part of the liner had the magnetic closure, you guys know like the magnetic circle pieces that "stick" to your shower/bathtub? I find those so handy! But nevertheless I think this shower liner is pretty fantastic. It definitely keeps the water in (you put the liner in facing your bathtub/shower while your other decorative shower certain is on the outside. No more messes or wet floors for me! I would recommend this to others, hope you enjoyed the review!


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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*


  1. Sometimes the super basic is the super awesome. This shower liner sounds like something every family would need.

  2. Looking at this reminds me that we need a new one. Problem here is we have hard water that eventually turns every shower curtain (sink, tub, toilet) rust-colored. Yuck. So have to replace shower curtains frequently!

  3. If it keeps the shower curtain clean and mold-free, this is worth trying!

  4. This looks like a liner that I need. Mine is getting pretty worn out.

  5. Thanks for sharing I went away from liners because they kept molding. Might have to check out this option however.