Monday, April 6, 2015

Product Review: Main Line Natural Serums-Vitamin C Serum

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! Hope you guys are having a great day so far. Today I have for you the Main Line Natural Serums-Vitamin C Serum. Have you guys tried other Vitamin C serums before? They're pretty fantastic in general. They moisturize to a certain extent, give a nice youthful glow to the skin and overall improve skin texture. Let's get started!
About The Product
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product contains hyaluronic serum to boost youthful-ness and Vitamin E for moisturizing properties which create a concentrated topical delivery system.
-It has all natural and organic ingredients that boost collagen product while keep you moisturized and hydrated  (plump and supple).
-Vitamin C is necessary for collagen product which creates a nice even skin.
-This product does it all from youthful glow to radiance-y and a nice natural glow.

My Review
          Alright so let's get started why don't we. Overall I think this product is pretty good. I know some serums and such can take a while to soak into the skin but I feel like this one does moisturize quite well. It's easy to use, makes me feel beautiful naturally in my own skin and does not have a offense odor or scent that some serums or lotions do. I have semi-sensitive skin and find this product to work fairly well. Although they do say you don't have "full results" until 2 months after, I think this product is actually pretty great so far.

With that being said, I have not really had any huge remarkable changes with my skin, yes it is supple and moisturized which is great. But I think of this as a basic moisturizer serum, it works fine and it seems like it is doing its job. It is fairly liquid-y so I mix a bit in with my regular moisturizer for use. I have been using this for about 3 weeks now so I am just waiting to see the long term results (2 months+) with this product. They almost mention the free cosmetic bag with purchase, as you can see it really isn't that special in my opinion. It's fairly flimsy plastic, not that high quality at all. Overall I would say that I recommend this product, it may not be amazing but it is basic and works well so far.


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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*


  1. Very interesting thanks for reviewing

  2. I've tried many other Vitamin C serums before, but this one sounds great. Would love to try it.

  3. nice! I always wondered how to apply it bc it is watery, smart thinking putting it in ur moisturizer! :) great review!!

  4. I always love using serums for my face. This seems like a really good brand. I like the little bag that it comes in. that is a cute touch

  5. I think the set is really cute. The bag adds something a little extra. Sounds like a pretty good serum. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Thanks for your candid review. I like that it has no fragrance, which my skin reacts badly to.