Friday, October 30, 2015

FOOD FRIDAY: WEEK 12- Part 1 of Snacks

Good morning everybody and HAPPY FOOD FRIDAY! If you were on my Facebook Page last week then you already know what's to come! There are just so many goodies, I wanted to break them up over the next couple of weeks just to highlight some of my faves and some that I didn't love as much as I thought I would. For today, I just chose 7 snacks, yes most of them are crackers or something like that but they're individually different. This post is brought to you by Phil Am Food, a great Filipino/Asian supermarket located in Jersey City, NJ as well as a fully-operated online shop of goods. Let's get started! 

First snack up today is the Croley Foods Sunflower Crackers Butter Cream Ube. This was actually one of the random items I chose just because I know how popular Ube is in the Philippines. I believe it is just a purple sweet potato which I've had before, see photo below for that. I was so excited to see how delish these cookies were. The top reminded me of a coconut/sugar crunch with a crispy, buttery cookie. It was oh so delicious and definitely one of my highlights of this snack box.  
Next up, Croley Foods Sunflower Crackers Coconut Cream Sandwich. You'll see that since this one that I have quite a few products from 'Croley Foods' and with that being said, I am a big fan of the brand. They mainly do crackers and snacks related to that. With these coconut cream crackers, it is basically two of their 'original flavored' crackers with some coconut cream inside. I do enjoy it, it's a nice balance but you can see there isn't too much cream inside. 

With the Jack & Jill Cream O Chocolate Chip Cookies, you get individually wrapped 3 packs of chocolate which is great for kids lunches. With the Asian variety of chocolate chip cookies, they definitely are different. The chocolate chips are more 'mini' and the overall flavor profile is just different. I find them more crispy/crunchy with a bit more crumbs but a smoother taste. 

The Croley Foods Choco N' Creme Strawberry Sandwich are basically the strawberry version of the sunflower crackers but covered in chocolate, oh my! The chocolate is actually quite light and it creates a very nice balance. I love anything strawberry flavored! Now on the other hand with the Croley Foods Choco N' Creme Peanut Butter Sandwich, I don't quite prefer this one as much. The peanut butter just wasn't the consistency I prefer and I do not prefer it versus the strawberry variety. If you're really into peanut butter, this may be for you.

Next up, Hanasia Korean Roasted Seaweed 3pk. I am big on seaweed, I've eaten quite a bit of different varieties before but always come back to the roasted version. It's crunchy, a bit salty and is just a great base for whatever and whenever. I love eating this seaweed when we have our own 'sushi night' as you can see below. It isn't too much but it just makes a great combination together! Just steamed white rice with this is fantastic.
Last but not least, Croley Foods Sunflower Crackers Chicken Flavored. This product has definitely been a staple in my house. It's your chicken flavored cracker but so much better. I really love the taste of it and it's so amazing in a bowl of instant noodles. Just treat it like saltine crackers and you won't be disappointed! These go so fast in my house and with the affordable price thanks to PhilAm Food, you can easily stock up on them!
I just wanted to share a little bit about PhilAm FoodThey are a very affordable Filipino/Asian Supermarket located in New Jersey as well as a online retailer. They really do sell everything from sauces to noodles to snacks and drinks. It's incredible variety! They do also accept Paypal and their Facebook Page+Website are always very helpful and there are even coupon codes available! Hope you enjoyed this week's FOOD FRIDAY!

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  1. These look like some great snacks! I would love to try those Coconut Cream Cookies!

  2. These look really yummy! I'm going to try these out next time. I love chocolate snacks.