Thursday, October 22, 2015

Product Review: OxyLED DIY Stick On Anywhere 4 LED Touch Tap Light

Hey friends! Happy Thursday! Today I have a pretty basic yet useful product for you all. It's the OxyLED DIY Stick On Anywhere 4 LED Touch Tap Light. Basically the back side of the product has sticky adhesive that allows you to stick the product where you please. With 4 bright white LED bulbs, this product is definitely for those that desire light in whatever location they choose. It's very easy to use and install. With the tap of a sensor spot, you have light! It's a great product and it being so 'basic', we should all have a couple of these in our home. Let's get started!
About The Product
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product contains 4 LED white bulbs in the panel. 
-The easy switch on touch of you finger to the two metal pins on the front allow for easy access. To turn off, touch those two metal pins once again.
-The product can easily be stuck to any surface with the 2 self-adhesive pads on the back. If you decide to move it to a different location, these may need to be replaced.
-These 4 bright white LEDs give approx. 100 hours of illumination from each set of 3 x AAA batteries [not included]. It is energy saving/environmentally friendly as well.

My Review
 With this product, it really is great for so many. It can fit in nearly any space and it's so easy to install and use. Personally, I put this in my hallway closet as it never seems to be lit enough for me. It would be great for closets, cubbies, bathrooms and anywhere else where you'd prefer a bit of extra light. All you need is the touch of a finger to the 'sensor' and the product will turn on. To turn it off, simply touch it again; it is just that easy!

Overall with this simple product it is a must have for me. I thought about something like this for quite some time but never really actually purchased one. I am so glad that I ran into this one. It works really well and is easy to use. The batteries are not included so make sure you have (3) AAA batteries handy. Also, if you choose to place it in a different location than the original, make sure that you have extra adhesive pads as they are likely to not be very sticky after you take them off the wall. I have not yet used them long enough to see the possible wall damage but so far so good. I would recommend this product to others.


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  1. These would be great for under the kitchen cabinets or under a medicine cabinet in the bathroom.

  2. these would be perfect when we go camping and to use in our camper, you can never have enough extra lights.

  3. I can think of a few dark closets where the OxyLED DIY Stick On Anywhere 4 LED Touch Tap Light would be a great help. Now, to find those scarves...