Saturday, October 31, 2015

Product Review: ASDM Beverly Hills Detox & Renew Charcoal Mask [Giveaway, Too!]

Good morning friends! Happy Saturday, hope the weekend has started off great for you all. HAPPY HALLOWEEN [U.S. friends] as well. Today I have for you another product review! Yay, finally something beauty related! It's the ASDM Beverly Hills Detox & Renew Charcoal Mask. It is a great mask that will revitalize dull skin, help to increase circulation, detox skin, shrink pores, plump out wrinkles and clear acne. Doesn't that sound amazing? The best part is that there will be a giveaway as well, how lovely! Let's get started!
About The Product
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product contains 2 oz./60g. of product and includes a fan brush for application.
-Helps to immediately revitalize tired, dull skin, increase circulation while detoxing the skin, shrinking pores and plumping out wrinkles.
-This product is formulated with activated charcoal [helps attract toxic substances within the skin along with excess sebum and bacteria] to help eliminate acne.
-The refreshing charcoal mask is fortified with activate charcoal, green tea extract, artichoke extract, pomegranate extract, gylocolic acid, grapefruit seed extract, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, aloe vera extract and peppermint.
-Leave the mask on for 2-10 minutes depending on skin sensitivity, face may get red/feel hot due to increase of circulation to the area, redness will subside within a few minutes. After, follow up with the charcoal moisturizer.

More Photos? YES PLEASE!

Let's Try It On!

My Review
Now let's get to reviewing! What do you think about this product? Are you a fan of face masks? Personally, I really love them. They just make my skin feel so great afterwards and smooth. Acne is a tough battle and I can say that I'm a victim of it. It may come and go but it always finds it's way back to me. I had high hopes for this product and it delivered. Let me tell you a bit about my skin type. I have combo skin [oily t-zone], semi-sensitive skin that is pretty much really difficult to find any great skincare products that really work.

Yes, I'll say it. My skin turned pretty red and hot on the areas that I applied the product. And yes, the peppermint in this product is actually pretty strong, if you get it too close to your eyes, you may tear up or get slightly irritated. I am a contact lens wearer and I personally would stay at least an inch or inch and a half away from that area. On the other hand, my nose was fine with the product being in close proximity. The product stated that the redness/hotness would subside after a few minutes but that wasn't the case for me, it took about 20 minutes for it to go down about 95% of the way. My face was still hot feeling to the touch [almost like what a fever would feel like] which was pretty interesting.

Would I still recommend it? Yes I would. I was pretty amazed at how small my pores go, my nose area especially [I have problem with blackheads] and noticed many of them just disappear. The peppermint scent may be disruptive to some but I was actually having a headache and it helped soothe that [yes, peppermint oil is great for that]. It is definitely a personal preference on that one but it is definitely not a no-scent type of product.

The product swatches pretty thick as you can see but when you apply it, it goes on pretty smooth. My regards to you all, keep it on only for as long as you can handle, for me it was about 5 minutes. Your face will most likely be red and heated, almost like you went to the sauna but that's normal. Afterwards, your skin will be smoother feeling and the day after, you'll have glowing, revitalized, detoxed, youthful skin! 


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  1. I have combination skin also oily/dry for me. Great review and thank you for giveaway! Sounds like a product I would like to try to and see if it helps the skin on my face!

  2. I tried a product similar to this that had a strong peppermint smell as well! I actually enjoyed it! I love charcoal masks, they are so good for the skin!

  3. I have combo skin too. I've never tried charcoal masks. Thanks for doing the review on this product.

  4. I've never tried this kind of mask. It sounds good thought!

  5. This product looks amazing!! I love to use masks but having sensitive skin never sure if I should or not..Great review!!