Friday, October 23, 2015

Product Review: Erod Products Dog Waste Bags With Dispenser [Includes 10 rolls/200ct.]

Good morning everyone! Happy Friday! Tis the weekend! Today for all the pet owners out there, I have a great product to share. Even if you're not a pet owner, these make for great mini-garbage bag liners as well. It's the Erod Products Dog Waste Bags With Dispenser. With this product, you will receive 10 rolls [200 ct.] as well as the bag dispenser. With this product, there is the option of different colors, you may choose from; black, green, red, pink and purple. Personally, with the print being 'paw prints' and my love for the color PINK, I just had to choose that one! They're really awesome. Let's get started!
About The Product
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product includes (1) dog waste bag dispenser and (10) rolls of paw-printed bags [200 bags with a easy-tear apart side for quick and easy access].
-This dispenser fits all standard size rolls.
-The dimensions of the bag are 12 in. by 8.5 in.
-The dispenser also includes a hook which is great to attach to leashes.
-No more embarrassing moments or feeling guilty, you can have a bag available at all times and with the trendy pattern, you will always be assured.

Want More Photos? Here they are!

My Review
Isn't the print super cute? It was a bit more 'less flashy' as I thought which I don't mind at all. The color of these bags are a medium pink, they are not hot pink or pastel pink. With this product you are receiving 10 rolls of the paw-print bags as well as a bag dispenser. It may seem like a lot but it does go fast, with 200 bags and probably using a couple a day [varies depending on your dog], that would last you about 67 days which is a bit over 2 months. For the price, it isn't too shabby at all. These bags can definitely be costly and sometimes the quality isn't great. I find that these bags are quite durable and hold up quite well.
As you can see from my photos/demo, this product is definitely very nice quality. The color options are great and lovely for those who want a bit of extra color in their life. Your dog really won't care so the choice of color is really up to you. I love the dispenser, it really creates such a easy way to get a bag quick and simple. Why complicate things? Just stick one through the little slot and when you need one, tear it. It really is easy to tear as well.
Overall I am quite impressed with these bags. Most I have used are not printed and just because the company went the extra step to do that and still offer great quality, I commend them. The color is great, the quality is wonderful and I couldn't say anything bad about them. They overall work very nicely and I would re-purchase. Hope you found this review helpful, till next time!


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  1. Love the little paw prints on the bags. TFS!

  2. Roscoe, you can join me and Harley on our walk. We would love to have you. The bags and holder are adorable!