Sunday, October 25, 2015

Product Review: Pop-On Posy

Happy Sunday! Hope you guys are having a great start to your morning. I know I am. Today I have for you a fun one, it's for Pop-On Posy! They are super cute and they are quite versatile. Let me first off start by saying that you have the option to use it as a headband, clip or hair tie. How wonderful is that? You get a couple of different flowers as well as the rest of the kit and the rest is up to you to decide. 
There is a magnet that locks onto the product on the back side that securely holds it in place. I am really enjoying them. They're great for any age really, I thought I might look silly with them, but they're fantastic! You can be creative with it and there are quite a few different options to choose from. Headband, Hair Tie, Clip; it's all up to you! I have quite a few photos to share with you so let's get started!
About The Product
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product can be purchased as a kit or individual posies.
-There is a large range of different colors/shades of posies, they fit any wardrobe!
-Pop-On Posies are available in different style and are great for girls and women.
-Company was started in 2013 and can now be found in 15 shops in New England and are continually growing! Check out this LINK to see if there's one near you.
-A majority of the products are designed+manufactured in the U.S.
-Each kit includes (3) posies, (1-2) headbands, (1) elastic hair tie and (1) hair clip.

Photo Shoot!

My Review
Don't you just love these? As a dancer, my hair is up pretty much all the time or a hair clip is used in some way. I typically use cute hair clips or bows to add a bit of color/pop to my hair but I am so glad that I found these. The color of these 'posies' are so beautiful. I was able to check out the website and I am amazed at how many different colors they come in, blue, green, pinks, neutrals, purple, they have it all. When the kit arrived, mine was sent via Amazon so I did get 2 headbands in my set but the majority of the kits on the website selling are just 1 headband sets. It really depends on what you choose and what you order.
The way you use this product is quite simple. See the back how it has the little round magnet? It's actually pretty strong and that is how the posie 'attaches'/holds onto the headband, hair clip or hair tie. Isn't that pretty genius? Now instead of having a bunch of hair clips, I have a DIY kind of pick and choose what I want type of product. If one day I want a green flower hair tie and the next the red/pink one, so be it. It can be arranged. However you put your hair that day or what 'mood' you're going for, this product will do it all in style.
Overall I am quite pleased with this product. The quality is absolutely fantastic and it looks super cute in my hair. Whether it's in whatever 'mode' you choose, it will stay put and look awesome. They are also very fluffy looking yet not super rough and hard if you lay on it which is a big bonus. It really would be great for girls of any age or woman as well, I'm 19 and I say that I'm rocking it. I would definitely recommend it to others. Hope you found my review helpful! Till next time!


Question Of The Day
What do you think about this product?
What is your favorite way to use them? 
[Headband, Hair Tie, Hair Clip OR ALL OF THE ABOVE]


Company Website


*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*


  1. Aww, these are cute, like all three of them! I like the fact that they have magnets and we can just switch from hair band to hair clip in seconds! Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. Those are so cute! What a fun and creative product.

  3. These are very cute, my daughter would love to have some of them for herself and my granddaughter.

  4. How cute are these!? They would make a great gift!