Friday, December 12, 2014

Influenster #ModaVoxBox #RefreshWithResource

Hi everyone! I just wanted to expand a bit from my unboxing post of the #ModaVoxBox . From my unboxing blog post you probably notice much about the Resource Brand of Water. I wanted to share even more details about the product! Let's all Refresh With Resource!

The contents of the bottle seem pretty normal, it's a bottle of water. Did you know that it's also made from 50% recycled plastic? (excludes label and cap) It is also natural spring water with added natural electrolytes for taste. It is sure is refreshing and the taste is very pure/natural as well. I absolutely love this water bottle, it is also a larger size than most, it is 23.7 fl oz per bottle. I love that this company packages water that is as close to mother nature as can be. It is definitely Refreshing knowing that I am drinking natural resources.

From the product label:

"Exectrolytenment Starts Here"
"With sustainable sourced 100% natural spring water. 
With naturally occurring electrolytes for a crisp, clean taste.
 With a bottle made with 50% recycled plastic. 
It's the holistic way to hydrate your body, nourish your mind and sustain your soul.
"Experience Electrolytenment with resource Natural Spring Water"

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