Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Product Review: Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door

Hi everyone! Hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday. Today I am reviewing something that is a must have for all of you outdoor lovers out there! Or if you live in hot climates (with high humidity) and lots of bugs. It's the Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door. I have actually never heard of this product before but it could be because there aren't many cabin type of homes in NYC or much of a bug problem (yes I dislike mosquitoes too). Anyways, let's get started!

About The Product
(From product website and from the product itself.)
-Product weighs about 1.2 pounds & dimensions are 12.8 in. by 9.7 in. by 1.7 in.
-Product comes in only a black fabric variety. (size 36 feet by 83 feet)
-Easy to install and remove, requires no tools and can fit doors up to 34" by 82 feet max.
-Great for keeping out bugs and is great for pet owners as well (pets easily learn how to get in and out of the screen door).
-Opens and closes with ease with the use of 26 strong magnetic points of contact which allows it to open and close automatically.
-Has reinforced edges for strength and high performance Velcro and tacks to keep the mesh up.

My Review
        Overall I love the concept of this product. I hate bugs in the summer time (mosquitoes), one of the many reasons why I don't stay outdoors all summer long. I usually keep citronella candles or bug repellent handy at all times. But don't you hate with one or two slip through and end up in your house? This product combats that, it creates a barrier between you and the outdoors without having all the negative aspects bothering you. A bug free magnetic screen door is a brilliant idea!

        When I first opened the product I was definitely a bit confused, it is such a large product, it really is. But once I kept figuring it out a bit more, it was easy to assemble and I found the magnetic closures to be extremely strong and well made. Since it is Winter time here in NYC I don't find myself using this product at the moment but that doesn't mean that I won't love to use it during the summer time.

         If you're in a place where it is constantly humid, this product can be your best friend! The magnetic closure is tight enough to not let anything in but not tight enough to the point of not being able to go in and out. Overall I would recommend this product and the level of how much you will love it will be based on your climate and your needs.


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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are mine*

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  1. This is a very useful thing to keep the bugs out of place. It is easy to hang and gives a nice look to the place. What is the price of this mesh and how we can buy it?