Thursday, December 11, 2014

Product Review: SPAball Kaddy Golf Ball Massage

Hi everyone! Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday! It's almost the weekend! woo hoo! Do you guys ever have aching or sore muscles? I know that I do and most of the time it is from excercising but at the same time it is also from daily activities, you know like sitting at a desk too long, bad posture/form or something of that nature. Today I bring to you, SPAball Kaddy Golf Ball Massage! Have you ever heard of it before? The product has been on many shows and programs such as CBS, Fox News, many newspapers and magazines as well as Hallmark. It's pretty much a golf ball massager, which I might say so myself, ITS AMAZING! What a life changer it is! Let's get started! 

(How the product arrives, exactly as images show.)

About The Product
(From the product website and from the product itself.)
-The SPAball Kaddy comes with a velvet carrying pouch, a 12-panel instruction manual the golf ball and the plastic ball covering for massaging.
-It featuers an ergonomic design to save your thumbs (more of a palm massage).
-Great for hot or cold therapies, balls can be both heated or cooled as well.
-Small emough to maintain skin to skin contact and great for cross-fiber work.
-A must have for pre and post game therapy massages.
-Can be washed with warm water and soap. 
(Back of the SPAball Kaddy Golf Ball Massage)

My Review
        This product is absolutely FABULOUS! I have sore muscles from dance and other activities I participate in and this product definitely does the job! It is such a simple product yet it is super effective at the same time. I love how it fits in my palm and really contours to the part of my body I am massaging. This is great for massing others or even giving yourself a massage! That plastic covering for massaging really makes the difference! It is great and fits in my hand perfectly! I can't believe that I have never tried this product before! It is getting quite popular as it is being featured on Fox, CBS, Hallmark as well as many magazines/newspapers across the nation.

         I am not a massage therapist myself but an athlete and I love this product! The owner and President of this brand, Heather Karr is also one of the sweetest, more intelligent people I have ever met! If you ever have a question or anything at all, she is amazing and one of a kind! They also have a large range of options, everything from holsters, DVDs, KaddyBack (A back massage version of the SPAball Kaddy), extra golf balls and a flaxsak (Heated pouch sack for therapy). The range of products seem like they are geared only towards golfers but this can be for any athlete or anyone who has pains, aches or even muscle soreness. 

        The price range of all these products are also very reasonable. They are all under $20 which is quite the bargain! This product is very versatile and I highly recommend all the products! Pick this up today for your loved ones, they will definitely thank you this holiday season! This product just keeps giving! Check out the products today! 

(The SPAball Kaddy!)

Here are some of the other products that the Company sells!
The Kaddy Back with FlaxSak included.

DVD videos to show how to use the products, one for professional massage therapists and one for athletes, couples and anyone with muscles.


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  1. it looks like a really interesting product. i've never heard of it or seen it on tv, but then again we haven't been watching much tv lately. i have terrible posture and spend 12 hours a day in front of the computer... probably hunched over. every once in a while i do like to splurge and go get a massage.. but it would be nice to have something at home where i can get a massage more frequently.

  2. Sounds like such an amazing product one that i have not heard about but glad now that i have. It sounds like a really interesting and useful product, i get quite bad back ache sometimes due to my bad posture or sitting too long so this would come in very handy

  3. I've never in my life heard of anything like this before. I could do with it for my back because it always seems to be in pain after my car accident years ago. Really unique and interesting product.

  4. It is such an unusual product! I am glad you took the time to review it, because if I Saw it in the store I wouldn't know about all the benefits! I would love to have a massager like this since my back hurts from being at a desk all day!

  5. These are super cool. I am looking for small items to put in my family stockings (like mother in law, etc). These look like they would be great for this and just in my price range. I'm so glad they worked for you.

  6. These look amazing. I'm always looking for something to put in my husband's stocking! He's a runner and I think something like this would be right up his alley!