Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Product Review: COVERPLUG Outlet Cover ((GIVEAWAY ENDS DEC. 22))

Hi everyone! Today I am reviewing the COVERPLUG Outlet CoverGuess what time it is? It's giveaway time!! Giveaway starts today (December 15th) and ends on December 22nd). It's a wonderful product, simple yet very useful. Great for households with children especially but is also great if you have some outlets you'd like to conceal. Let's get started!

About The Product

(From product website and the product itself.)

-Comes in a 2 pack. (PRODUCT MADE IN USA)

-It is a off white color but is made of a custom plastic that can be easily painted.

-Durable, molded and paintable plastic panel that plugs into the electrical socket to easily cover the entire outlet.

-Securely held in place by posts on the back that align with the ground openings.

-Requires no tools for installation or removal.

-Great for child-proofing or concealing extra exposed outlets.

My Review
        This is a wonderful product! It is definitely very handy especially if you have children that mess around with outlets. This outlet plug keeps them away and keeps my outlets and walls looking their best. It's amazing how easily and efficiently this cover plug conceals the electrical socket. I also love that you can paint over this if you'd wish to. Not everyone has white walls so this is great for some added creativity, better yet, you can even design it yourself if you'd like, what a fun DIY present or holiday gift idea! 

       It comes in a 2 pack so prior to purchase I would count how many I would need and go from there. I have young children in my house at times that I babysit and they love touching every little thing. This product keeps them safe and makes the electrical socket "out of sight" and "out of mind". It beautifully creates a smooth wall space. I also love how you don't need anything to remove this with or install for that matter, it has two points in the back (you can see from the images) that you can insert or remove this cover plug with. Very easy to install and to remove. I would highly recommend this product!

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  1. The COVERPLUG Outlet Cover seems like it can really come in handy! We have an outlet in a really weird spot so being able to cover it up with this would be great <3

  2. Entered to win! I could really use these for baby proofing! :)

  3. I wish I had this when my boys were younger! This looks like it would make a great life saver for little ones.

  4. Good review. This would be great for baby proofing the home.

  5. Great review!!! I so need some of these for my house!!!

  6. Really good review on this! I could see this being a really good product for new parents!

  7. Hope I win. I have small kids, this would be great for us.

  8. This is such a great thing for people with kids in the house. It's much more attractive than standard outlet covers, as well.

  9. What an awesome product! This would be great for baby-proofing!

  10. I can see the value in this in protecting little ones from outlets. They are strangely attracted to them!

  11. This is cool my SIL could do with this since my nephew is at the very curious of everything stage

  12. These can really come in handy with lil ones around. I will have to share this with my sister and niece. Thanks for sharing.

  13. These coverplugs for the outlet is a must when you have little kids. We had furniture in front of all out outlets so didn't get any when my son was little. But we plan on moving and hopefully more kids so we will need to get a few of those coverplug.