Thursday, February 26, 2015

Book Review: Too Hot In The Kitchen by Holly Clegg (And BONUS: Kitchen 101 by Holly Clegg)

Hi everyone! Happy Thursday! Hope you are all having a great one so far! Today its book review time again! Woo hoo! I do love reviewing books, they are all just so unique and special to their own. Today its not a chapter book or novel but a COOKING BOOK! One of my favorites just because I love cooking and baking! It's the "Too Hot In The Kitchen" by Holly Clegg and as a bonus (Thanks Holly!) "Kitchen 101" by Holly Clegg! This review is going to be more of an analysis of the book and what I think about it overall. I've got say that this is one of the best and easily laid out books that I have ever seen, cooking wise. Both are similar but the "Kitchen 101" book is more leaned towards beginners and those who need a quick meal ASAP. Let's get started!


About The Books:
"Too Hot In The Kitchen" features 200 easy and exciting recipes designed for today's busy women with 100 color photographs and illustrations. It's a fun twist on every day meals with everything from homemade facials to effortless entertaining. It also includes nutritional/diabetic information while highlighting freezer-friendly and vegetarian recipes. There is also "spicy advice" with serving suggestions/pairings as well as cooking tidbits. This book helps you learn the secrets to sizzle in your own kitchen!


"Kitchen 101" features 150 easy to make recipes with full color photographs. It includes kitchen basics, references chapters and lots of nutritional/diabetic information. It also includes terrific tips with short-cuts and options. Also some recipes have symbols that represent that they are freezer-friendly, vegetarian as well as for the Crock Pot.


My Review
You can already tell that from these images, these books are both made beautifully and are high-quality. What really stood out to me is that these books are not intimidating at all! There are tips and helpful hints along to way (to ensure the best final product!) to guide you while prepping and cooking. Just the simple things to check on to be a professional! Another point that I want to make is that the photographs are amazing! They really look delicious and engage you to try and recreate that recipe.

The "Too Hot In The Kitchen" book is great for women or even men of all ages! I loved reading about the different pairings and all about different foods/seasonings that I have never even heard of before! There is even a nice section dedicated to all about different types of coffees and food items that would pair well with them. I have found that this book is a bit more detailed and complex (although not difficult at all) than the "Kitchen 101" book. This book really has it all, everything you would ever need to cooking for your family to entertaining family or guests! You will definitely want to check this one out.

The "Kitchen 101" book is really great for those who are just learning the basics of cooking or those who have just recently shown an interest in cooking and learning more. What I found with this one is that the recipes seem relatively shorter (you can see the Peanut Butter Cookie recipe) and are very simple and easy to make. Once again the hints are there to guide you along the process. This one seems a bit more geared to me as a College Student who wants to venture into more foods but may not have the time or extensive resources to create complex dishes. Another point with this book is that it is versatile with so many different types of foods. It is great with that and the photos included are fantastic! With this one the writer really thought about beginners and everything they would need to learn at that basic step. Once again, an amazingly written and played out cooking book.

Overall I think that these books are fantastic! I really love the layout and setup of them as well. They both have photographs with each recipe (may not be for every recipe) and nutritional/diabetic information which is also pretty helpful. I have found with other cookbooks that they don't provide this. I think that it is just a great way to know what you're eating since you're cooking it and the nutritional benefits to it as well. These books are really wonderful just because its not "textbook written" its almost like Holly is there as as "virtual" teacher guiding you along the way. I would definitely recommend both of these books as they are a great learning tool for cooks of all ages and levels! Although there are tons of e-books nowadays, I still love having a hard copy of a book, especially when its as well written and displayed as these both are! I hope you all get the chance to check them out!


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*I received these items complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*

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