Friday, February 27, 2015

Product Review: Enzo 100% Organic Green Tea Matcha Powder

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Hope you are all having a great one so far! Today I have you another short and simple review! It's on the Enzo 100% Organic Green Tea Matcha Powder! It really is a fantastic product and even better if you love regular green tea! Matcha is a form of green tea that has its own distinct flavor to it. I like the taste of it and think this powder is fairly easy to make and use. Let's get started!

About The Product
(From the product website and the product itself.)
-Product contains 4 oz/113 G of 100% pure matcha powder in a resealable zip bag.

-This matcha is stone grinded and pure to give the best health benefits as possible.

-Matcha slowly and steadily releases its energy that acts as both a stimulant and a relaxant. It gives your body the energy without exhaustion.

-This green tea matcha also increases your body's rate of burning calories from an average of 9% to about 35% (up to 43%) which is about 4.7x the regular rate.

-It also has 7x more antioxidants than dark chocolate which helps prevent age-related diseases and helps to keep your body healthy and strong.

-Matcha can also help protect yoru skin from harmful UV rays while improving oxygen levels. It helps improve blood flow which "rejuvenates" the skin.

-Matcha is great also for fiber and detox benefits. It helps stabilize blood sugar and improves your digestive health. The high chlorophyll content is a great way to detox naturally. It also helps promote healthy skin.

My Review
         After reading the "about the product" section, how can you not love it? It is fairly simple to use as well, its almost like instant coffee or hot cocoa powder. Mix it with some water (full directions are on the back of the bag) and you're ready to go! With a bag full of opportunities, you can control how strong or how weak you want it to me. Personally I don't love it too strong so I can alter it to my personal preferences.

        Overall I think this product is pretty great! It's easy to use, the taste is definitely very pure and natural and its great for your body! I have actually felt more energized on days where I had a cup of matcha in the morning. The pouch has lasted me about a month now and I think I have a few more days left with it so that is just something to keep in mind. I typically have it almost every day, I would say 4-5 times a week. I would definitely recommend this product to others.

*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*


  1. Yum! I like Matcha, I have been using it in smoothies recently which I know is not traditional.

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