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Book Review: Vanabode Travel Forever For $20 A Day by Jason Odom

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday! Hope you are doing well. Did the title entice you to read more? I have been reading this e-book for a couple of weeks now and I am hooked!The Book is titled "Vanabode Travel Forever For $20 A Day" by Jason Odom. It's mainly "Vanabode" techniques on how to get the most for your money, take advantage of all that you can (many of which that we aren't even aware of) and to enjoy nature. I was actually a bit confused and interested at the same time, aren't  you? Let's get started!

This book is available in an e-book version as well as in a paper book version. What astonished me most was the idea of living on $20 a day (per person) and traveling at that. The ideas and techniques are based upon the fact of having your own traveling van and that you have time to spend traveling. After reading this e-book I am honestly very surprised and amazed with what I have learned. I will give you guys a bit of  into to it and what I think of it personally. More information can be found on the websites below. (Home page, purchase link, and place descriptions)

First off, I didn't know what the term "vanabode" meant so I turned to dictionaries and Wikipedia (not the most accurate at all times but helpful). I actually learned quite a lot about "vanabode" and "vanabode" traveling from the internet search enging and their website (link is below for further reference)

"Wikipedia describes Vanabode as a "disruptive technology" or "disruptive innovation"; terms used in business and technology circles to describe innovations that improve a product or service in ways that the market does not expect, typically by being lower priced or making something available to everyone that was previously only available to the rich". . ." 

Like mentioned earlier the idea is mainly "road trips" and places where you can enjoy sights without spending so much out of pocket. Even without a van or something of that nature you can still apply many of these techniques and applications to your own lifestyle. If you're a traveler these tips will really help you out. 

There are many strategies that can help you save lots of money while enjoying everything there is that the world has to offer. There are cooking strategies (methods, techniques and different applications), ways to stay clean while using the least amount of resources (including the way to take showers and to minimize toiletry usage), and many places where the author has traveled to and has "parked his van" for free. 

One example of a cooking technique using the sun/natural surroundings.

Did you know many national/state parks/forests allow you to park there for free while enjoying all that nature has to offer? Many of them allow you to park overnight (check rules and regulations first) as well as many free public amenities and activities are available as well (you just need to know the right place to find it! The book covers many different topics like budgeting, laundry, weather, safety/security, inventory, itinerary plans and so much more. It really amazes me to see how much I've been missing out on and all the beautiful nature around me that I could go and visit and be affordable.

Overall my opinion of this book is that it is fantastic! Even if you don't plan to live in a camper or van in your future, there are many different ways that we can all save money while traveling or even in our daily lifestyle. This would really be perfect if you're an environmentalist/naturalist/conservationist or if you love road trips and traveling. 

Personally I don't plan to live and travel in a van in my future but there are many people are into that. The idea of $20 per day (per person) is actually not bad of a deal considering that you get to travel and see the world. Maybe this idea isn't appealing to you at the moment but it may after you retire or really get into traveling the nation. Overall I would recommend it, what do you guys think?


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  1. What an interesting concept! I can't see myself traveling via van, either, but I will admit the idea totally intrigues me. I think I'll check this book out just out of pure curiosity! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is great! I love to travel and sight see but money is always a problem. I need to get this book because if theres a way to manage on 20 a day I would be in heaven! Great post thank you so much for sharing!!

  3. This is interesting! Great way to save money while traveling!!