Thursday, February 19, 2015

Product Review: Coosh Apple Lightning to USB Cable (3ft and 6ft)

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Today I have some show and tell items for you all! They are actually brand new items that will be hitting the market soon! It's the Coosh Apple Lightning to USB Cable (3ft and 6ft)! I have an iPad Mini that uses the Apple Lightning charger so these definitely came in handy for me. Also with a household full of iPhones, we can always use some extra chargers! Let's get started!

Let's Show!

Now let's tell and review!
These are actually great quality and not the cheap knock-off chargers you see every now and then. I only show the photo of the 3 foot charger because in reality, the 3ft and the 6ft are identical, the only difference is their size/length. There are both black and come double ended, one side is the Lightning Charger and the other end is the USB Cable. They are pretty much identical to the original Apple Lightning Charger.

I found that these are actually quite stable, easy to use and more durable that regular Apple Lightning Chargers. Typically my Apple ones break after a few months but so far with these, they look and work as if they are brand new! I have been using these for about a month now and I have no complaints whatsoever! They have been fantastic!

The great thing is that the 6ft cable is twice as long as the "normal" chargers which mean more freedom, room to move around and not having to worry about outlets as much. I really love the 6ft cable, once you try it out, you'll never want to go back to the 3ft cable. It really makes a difference and you will absolutely love it! I have also tried the Amazon Branded Apple Lightning Charger which is also pretty great but I would prefer the Coosh brand over that one just a little more because these seem less susceptible to bending/breaking within the year. I would definitely recommend these products.Stay tuned for their arrival!


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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*


  1. My iphone charger always gets on my nerves. For some reason, It can never stay white and i'm so in need of a black or dark colored one. Also, as you started, the cable is simply too short. I need a longer cable and was looking into getting one or an extension cord but there are so many types. Thanks for reviewing this one! I now know what to look for.

  2. Thanks for reviewing this I was looking into getting a new charger.

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