Friday, February 13, 2015

Food Friday: Clover Chips Ham & Cheese Flavored And Croley Foods Sunflower Chicken Crackers

Hi Everyone Happy Friday!! Guess what time it is? It's FOOD FRIDAY! We are currently on "Week 3" and I am so excited to share with you two of my favorite Filipino Snacks (courtesy of PhilAm Food). It's Clover Chips Ham & Cheese Flavored And Croley Foods Sunflower Chicken Crackers. I have some great pictures as well.

I live in a very diverse neighborhood in NYC and we have lots of different Asian markets so you should definitely check it out to find some goodies, they will most likely have these snacks. Unfortunately, the supermarkets in my area don't seem to carry the Croley Foods Sunflower Chicken Crackers anymore so I resort to ordering online at and my orders have always arrived quick and in great condition! Let's get to showing the great snacks!

Let's see the Snacks!
1. Clover Chips Ham & Cheese Flavored
A full bag of awesomeness!

2. Croley Foods Sunflower Chicken Crackers 

A big tub of chicken crackers! Perfect for parties or family gatherings.


My Review
You all already know that these are two of my favorite snacks! Now let's get to describing them a bit more and all of that good stuff. The Clover Chips are also available in other flavors besides Ham & Cheese, there is also Barbecue (another one of my faves!), Cheesier (my brother's fave) and Chili Cheese flavor which I have actually never tried before.. Clover Chips are almost like Cheetos or some type of puff chip, I would consider them a hybrid between cheetos and rice crackers.

 It's actually a pretty hard snack to describe but it is just so good! They would be perfect for younger children as well, they can melt in your mouth.The Ham & Cheese flavor might sound a bit strange but it reminds me almost like bacon and cheese, it does have a nice "meat" aroma to it while being covered lightly in cheese at the same time. The Barbecue is a classic BBQ, its quite addicting. The Cheesier flavor is more of a plain cheese universal flavor, its also pretty great.

Now onto the Croley Foods Sunflower Chicken Crackers. Now with variety with this type of cracker, it is endless, they have original, cheese, chicken, pizza, onion garlic etc and then they also have sweet flavors with cream like strawberry, banana, blueberry, pineapple, coconut, lemon, banana and more! Isn't that amazing that there are just so many different varieties? The favorites at my house are definitely hands down the chicken flavor and also the pizza one. The others are also great as well like mango, strawberry and lemon (those are my faves for the sweet cream category). 

Sunflower crackers are basically almost like saltine crackers minus the salt with the flavor of the pack you are eating. The flavors are usually subtle, not too salty and are just the perfect amount of flavor. The cream ones are two crackers (I presume its the original flavor) sandwiched between a layer of cream. The cream is nice, not too sweet or buttery but creates a very nice balance.

Overall I am absolutely loving these snacks and I really hope you all get to try them out soon. They really are fantastic and by shopping through PhilAm Foods Website, everything is convenient and shipped to your door! Also, check out their facebook page, they often show great pictures, news, what's cooking today (if you live in the Jersey City area) and special promotions/coupon codes. They are absolutely fantastic and great with customer service as well! If you ever have a question, don't hesitate to send them a message, they will reply in a short period of time! Now until next time, hope you all enjoyed week 3 of FOOD FRIDAY!


Question Of The Day
What do you think of these snacks? 
Would you eat them?
What would you like to see next on FOOD FRIDAY?


PhilAm Food Website

Clover Chips Ham & Cheese Flavored ($1.39 for 3 oz size and $2.09 for 5.46 oz)

Clover Chips Chili Cheese Flavored (currently unavailable)

Clover Chips BBQ Flavored (3 oz is currently unavailable, 5.4 oz is $2.09)

Croley Foods Chicken Crackers ($6.38)-Can as pictured above.

Smaller Sized 6oz pack of Croley Foods Chicken Crackers ($1.39)

View The Variety of Croley Foods Sunflower Crackers (from search bar)


*I received the items complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*


  1. They all look really great. I haven't heard of any of them but I do believe I would try them all. The chicken crackers look super good, as do the clover chips! They look very tasty, I love chips so I would for sure take those in an instant! Thanks for sharing I havent heard of any of this before.

  2. These look really good, you really made me hungry now. I would love to try these out but not sure whether we have those in my country. I definitely look for those when I go shopping later today.

  3. omg these look so good! I have got to try them out!

  4. I have never heard of the sunflower crackers before those sounds amazing! I wonder if any of our local markets would have these! I love trying new foods and snacks from other parts of the world .

  5. Omg a new cracker!!!! Crackers are one of my favorite snacks so I'm surprised I never heard of sunflower crackers. They sounds pretty delicious though! I so need to try them. Hopefully they have them over here in the states!

  6. I've never heard of either of these items before. Chicken crackers look just like saltines, I'm sure its basically the same thing. If they are, then they are pretty addictive, lol. I will have to check out both products. I love tasting local snacks at the local food markets, makes me want to cehck it out again this week.

  7. Haha, These sure do sound like weird snacks. But they crackers look just like saltines and well they don't last very long around here. So if they are anything like that, they'd be gone before you know it. The chips look good. The flavor is interesting but they do look good! =D

  8. I've never heard of these brands or Flavors but they sound interesting especially the ham & cheese chips. I love Prawn chips from London. Thanks for sharing that your order online. I may try that.

  9. These snack sound quite unusual, but different is good, right? Of them all, I think the chips look the most yummy to me! I would try them instead of the usual brands I have (which is not very often, anyway :).

  10. Thanks for introducing us to a new brand. I never heard of it but it sounds interesting!

  11. I love Ham & Cheese I bet these chips are delcious.

  12. Hmm Interesting flavors! Ham and cheese chips? Id have to try !

  13. Wow! These sound delicious, I would definitely try them! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Those look delicious I would love to try them.

  15. These look very yummy! I will def have to try them! Thank you for sharing!

  16. I love the fact that you made a flower out of them! Hahaha! Aren't you supposed to NOT play with your food? ;) And the ham and cheese sound delish- my boss will LOVE them.