Saturday, November 7, 2015

Product Review: Briosense Antioxidant Moisturizer ((GIVEAWAY ENDS NOVEMBER 21 @10PM EST))

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Today I have for you all, a beauty product! I sure love my beauty products, this one happens to be in the 'skincare' category. I present to you the Briosense Antioxidant Moisturizer. The great part is that it's actually great all skin types and it has 100% natural/organic ingredients! I love knowing what is going into my skin, my skin can be sensitive so that is always key for me. One lucky winner will be able to win one of their very own! Let's get started!
About The Product
(From the product website and the products itself.)
-Product contains 1.7 oz./50 mL of this antioxidant moisturizer.
-Made with premium natural and organic ingredients.
-This product contains rich organic jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and organic pomergranate seed oil. Also contains Vitamin B5 to keep prevent water loss.
-Increases the skin's hydration and helps to improve skin softness and elasticity for a more youthful, supple, energized look.
-Great for all skin types and is enriched with organic jojoba oil. 
-Product is gluten, dye, paraben and cruelty free. It is also vegan.

My Review
 Let me first tell you guys about my skin type. I have combo skin as well as it being semi-sensitive and acne prone. It's a troubling task trying to find the best skincare products but I am quite impressed with this one. I love the way that it easily absorbs into my skin. I do my usual skincare routine of cleanser, toner, moisturizer and this product has definitely softened my skin. The problem with combo skin is that some areas are more oily than others and other areas are on the dry side. This product is definitely very moisturizing but at the same time it doesn't 'over-do' it. Definitely a great one for 'most' skin types even though it does say ALL. You may have to adjust depending where you live and your skin type.

Overall, for what it is, it's pretty great. I am all about moisturizers and some just break me out, make me an oily mess or leave me flaky, dry and not looking my best. Skin and moisture is what we all need, especially as the air gets drier and the weather gets cooler. I love that it has organic jojoba oil, I actually used to use just that directly on my skin. The organic ingredients and all the wonders of the product [cruelty-free, gluten-free, dye-free etc.] are wonderful. I would definitely recommend this to others. Stay tuned for the giveaway.


Question Of The Day
-What do you think about this product?
-What is your skin type?
-What is the weather like near you? 
[Tell us what state you're in]


Briosense Antioxidant Moisturizer

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*I received this item complimentary in return for my 100% honest review, all words are my own.*

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  1. I think this is a very promising moisturizer, my skin sounds very similar to yours. I'm in Central NY, usually we'd be cold and I'd have extra dry skin right now but we're having a warm stretch.

  2. I love that it has premium natural and organic ingredients! My skin gets dry,I could use this:) Im in Ohio and today its cold here:(

  3. I love that its Organic Ingredients

  4. I would love to try this product! I have sensitive oily skin. Its cold here in Buffalo, NY!

  5. The product sounds really good but as I was reading and saw that it has jojoba oil I did not know if I should try it because my skin is extremely oily. But it does sound like a good product. It is 51 degrees currently and we are expecting rain the next two days with highs in the mid 70's and lows around 55-60 then turning cooler. This is typical weather for Mississippi.

  6. I've used only coconut oil on my face for moisturizing about ten years now, but honestly, I want to try something else....change it up a bit :) I love the ingredients and since the midwest area weather is manic depressive (one day nice, one day wth!), I need something that can handle all types of weather.