Friday, November 20, 2015

Product Review: Your Prepared Family Insect Repellent Patch Stickers [Citronella Protection] ((GIVEAWAY ENDS DECEMBER 4 @10PM EST))

Good morning everybody! How are you doing this lovely Friday morning? For this lovely morning I have another review+giveaway for you all. This is part of GIVEAWAY MONTH here on Love And Lipgloss Reviews; check back every 2 days for a new giveaway posted. It will go on for the entire MONTH OF NOVEMBER! There will be a huge variety of prizes to be given away, stay tuned! You won't want to miss this!

For this morning, I have to share with you the Your Prepared Family Insect Repellent Patch Stickers [Citronella Protection]. They are actually really cute and great for the entire family. If you're like me, mosquitos and other bugs can really be a pest and even make you not want to go outside at all. 

It's starting to get colder now here in NYC so I thought the mosquitos left for the year already but nope, I just found one in my house the other day. I know other states are pretty warm all year around so this could definitely work for them. They are Citronella scented which makes them a great 'bug-repel-er'. I really love how cute they look too, don't you think? Let's get started! 
About The Product
(From the product website and the products itself.)
-This product contains 30 patches per box and is great for on the go/traveling.
-These cute animal patches make protecting kids, babies and the entire family from insects and pests simple, fun and most importantly, easy.
-They are also all natural, long-lasting and easily share-able while providing great mosquito control and protection.
-These may be small but effective, contains 100% citronella oil that is non-toxic.

My Review
  I am absolutely so in love with this product! You can see the raccoon that I demo-ed with this product in the photos above and I just couldn't throw him away after the next day, so he's currently on my phone case as a cute sticker. It really does smell very strongly of citronella which is great as it provides great bug protection while at the same time, it didn't cause me to have a headache at all. I found that the patch scent lasted for about 10-15 hours which isn't too bad for just one patch. I just placed it on my shirt sleeve and it stuck. Yes they are stickers and pretty good at that, no slips and good adhesive.

With this product what you do is just stick it wherever you'd like. If you are on the taller side or want extra protection, I'd put one on a shirt sleeve and one around your ankles or on your knee area. The packaging also suggests putting them on the inside of clothing which is pretty great as well. I love the outdoors but the bugs really prevent me from enjoying it. With something like this, it's great for the entire family [the kids love it too] and we can all enjoy. I would definitely recommend this products to others, it's awesome!


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Your Prepared Family Insect Repellent Patch Stickers [Citronella Protection]

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  1. What a great idea for little ones! I love this! We live in the country and mosquito are a huge problem. These would be great to have for my young girls - thanks!

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