Thursday, November 5, 2015

Product Review: Verseware "Happy Birthday Jesus Loves You" [Plates, Cups And Napkins] ((GIVEAWAY ENDS NOVEMBER 19 @10PM EST))

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Today I have a great product to share with you all, brought to you by the Verseware Company. They are a Christian company that has a passion to promote the name of Jesus and to glorify the Lord through the items we use most, everyday tableware. They offer everything from plates to cups and napkins. And the best part, one lucky winner will win a set of their very own! The winner will be able to choose whatever design they choose, whether it's holiday themed, birthday themed or the 'halleluyah' pattern. The pattern and products I'm reviewing today are the "Happy Birthday, Jesus Loves You Design". 
About The Product
(From the product website and the products itself.)
-Verseware brings awareness of Jesus to family meal time and special events.
-It is the perfect addition to everyday family meals, parties, church nursery, Sunday school, daycare, outdoor cookouts, holidays and special events.
-Each set contains (10) plates [10.25" each], (10) cups [12oz.] and (20) napkins [3ply]
-This set is loved by kids for its fun, playful and colorful design.
-They are high-quality, durable, heavy-duty and great for kids birthday parties.
-The universal colors and design make it suitable for boy or girl birthday parties. 

Let's See Those Photos!

Products In Action!

My Review
I am so in love with these! Not only do they spread positivity and promote Jesus Christ but they're amazing quality. I've had so many paper plates just droop and not able to handle much food or weight at all but that is not a problem with these. From the plates to the cups to the napkins, the quality is incredible. Yes, these are birthday plates and just in time for my brother's 14th birthday! [Happy Birthday Jordan!] I really love the design and color scheme of these, it really is pretty universal. I absolutely love bright colors and for a child's birthday party, these would be a huge hit! There are also other designs [winner will be able to choose any of the designs]. Now let's talk more about the cups and napkins.

The great thing about the cups are that they are able to withstand both hot and cold liquids which make it the ultimate cup. Even if you're not a Christian or into Christian-themed tableware, the quality is phenomenal. I don't know much more I can explain it besides show you all in person. The napkins are also 3-PLY, how fancy is that. You can see from my photos that they are definitely heavy duty. The colors/printing of these 3 products DO NOT bleed and there is no ink residue on my hands at all, even after using them the entire evening. They truly are fantastic and the perfect tableware for any party or holiday.

Overall, I am so in love with this set. It comes with 10 cups, 10 plates and 20 napkins which I find pretty standard for a child's birthday party or a small gathering. Think of it as approximately 10 guests, love that you get extra napkins; with kids, something always gets messy. All in all, the quality of the products really sold me and what the Verseware company stands for is phenomenal. Spreading the word through out daily tableware.


Question Of The Day
What do you think about this product?
What is your favorite holiday?


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