Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Show And Tell: IPSY November 2015 Glam Bag

Good morning friends! Today I will be sharing with you all my NOVEMBER 2015 Glam Bag from IPSY! Want to see previous glam bags? Click HERE. IPSY is a monthly subscription service that is $10/month, you can also cancel whenever you choose to. With this month's glam bag there is lots of variety this time around, basically one product for each beauty aspect [moisturizer, lip product, eye product etc.]. I really LOVE the theme and design of this month's bag, don't you? It's based on Beauty Blast and has this really pretty pink, purple, blue-ish galaxy design. Great products as well, let's get started!


Final Thoughts
With this glam bag, I received only one full sized product [eyeshadow] and four deluxe sized products but I'm not upset about it. The reason being is that a lot of these products definitely would last a long time like the luminizing highlight or the lip product. Like mentioned earlier, there definitely is quite a bunch of variety with this month's bag as they typically do. Out of all these products, I have never tried any so these were all brand new to me.

Let me speed through my first impressions of each product. The mascara I've heard great raves about and definitely looks quite volumizing and thick/plush with the mascara wand. The lip product is a demi-matte [says matte but isn't exactly like that] and is a bright red/pink type of color. Also, when used lightly and blended out, it could be a really pretty blush! The eyeshadow is very pretty in color, decent in pigmentation and is a satin bronze gold taupe kind of color. It wasn't the easiest to work with but I do enjoy the color of it.

The 'liquid gossamer' is a rose-gold type of highlight. It comes out a lot at a time so be wary of that but blended out, it looks beautiful and very natural. Keep in mind that it is water based, it also blends quite easily. Last but not least is the moisturizer. It seems pretty good, smooth and moisturizing. There is a light scent on this one. All in all, great bag this month and I'm loving the glam bag itself, Thanks for coming back for this month's NOVEMBER IPSY GLAM BAG! See you guys next month!


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*All items mentioned in this post has been purchased by me. It is NOT sponsored. All words are my own and honest opinion.*

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