Saturday, November 14, 2015

Product Review: Visible Science Organic Argan Oil with Resveratrol For Hair And Skin ((GIVEAWAY ENDS NOVEMBER 25 @10PM EST))

Good morning everyone!! Happy Saturday. It's GIVEAWAY MONTH here on Love And Lipgloss Reviews; check back every 2 days for a new giveaway posted. If you're up to date with my Facebook Page then you know that there wasn't supposed to be a review+giveaway planned for today but I made it happen. Just note that this one is not for 2 weeks, it is for a week and a half. All other giveaways will be 2 weeks each. There will also be another giveaway coming up at 12AM EST Sunday so stay tuned for that! There will be a huge variety of prizes to be given away, stay tuned!

Today I will be sharing with you the Visible Science Organic Argan Oil with Resveratrol. It says that its for hair and skin but you can really use it for anything you'd like. What is resveratrol you ask? I had to search up on it myself, basically it's an anti-aging agent so this makes this organic Argan oil even more action packed. It does have a scent that is actually kind of nostalgic. I love using this with my hair most but I do use it with other uses as well. Let's get started!

About The Product
(From the product website and the products itself.)
-Product contains 2 oz/58 ml of product.
-Product is cold pressed certified organic Argan oil.
-Product is enhanced with Resveratrol and is sulfate, paraben and cruelty free.
-Nourishes and protects hair while keeping your skin hydrated and radiant.
-Great for all hair and skin types.

My Review
Are you a fan of argan oil? Personally I love these kind of oils. They're pretty versatile but I do prefer to use this one mainly for my hair because of the scent. It's really hard to explain but its definitely perfume-y, almost like walking through the perfume section of a department store. With fragrance, some may love it and others not able to stand it. Though with argan oil you aren't using THAT much that it'll be unbearable but some people are very sensitive when it comes to any type of fragrance or perfume.

Back to the subject of hair. My hair is actually pretty straight and normal in terms of thickness [not thick, not thin]. With straight hair it's pretty easy for my hair to look dull, less healthy and just overall weighed down. My hair already doesn't have that much volume but with the wrong type of hair products it can get even more undesirable. I decided to curl my hair and use the argan oil, basically washed my hair, put some of the oil [ a very small amount, half a pump] then dried it then curled it. It's not as complicated as you think but the results were pretty great. I love the extra bit of shine I got  and my hair looked voluminous. 

Overall, I do enjoy this product. In terms of skin, I mainly use it on my hands with my cuticles and dry areas on my body [elbows, knees and feet]. I don't use it on my face though you could. It does absorb quite quickly and nicely. Just keep in mind there is a scent to it, it's almost like putting lotion on yourself except this is argan oil. I would recommend this product.


Question Of The Day
How would you use this product?
[Hair, Skin, Nails, Other??]


Visible Science Organic Argan Oil with Resveratrol

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  1. I think I'd use this on my face whenever I get a dry patch.

  2. due to menopause, I'm losing my hair and it's as coarse as boars hair! LOL.....I also suffer from stress induced eczema, so my answer would definitely be for BOTH my hair and skin

  3. I would use this in my hair and on my skin where I have psoriasis !

  4. I would use this for my hair and skin!

  5. I would use for both my hair and skin.

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  8. Yes Argan oil & coconut milk is best use in the world because those are so natural.
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